TikTok Ring Light: How Much Does A TikTok Ring Light Cost?

TikTok Ring Light

What will significantly improve the quality of content and make videos more vivid? That’s a TikTok Ring Light, which can be purchased at any specialized online store. With this add-on, you can adjust the lighting yourself and get rid of the constant dimness of the video.

But the most significant difficulty is precisely the choice of such an accessory since there are plenty of options on the market from different manufacturers. I will tell you what you should pay attention to, what characteristics are essential to consider, and how much a high-quality TikTok Ring Light will cost.

When asked what the lamp for filming TikTok is called, there is only one answer – ring light, because it is this kind of lighting that more or less popular bloggers often use. The main advantage of such a backlight is that it consists of many LEDs, which evenly illuminates the face and evens out skin tone. For example, with its help, it will be possible to get rid of the shadow that makes the video less quality.

TikTok Ring Light
TikTok Ring Light

As a rule, each ring light for Tik Tok comes with a tripod on which a smartphone or camera can be attached. And thanks to the flexible mount, you can independently choose the smartphone’s position. If we talk about the characteristics, then the ring light is often LED. The round has an adjustment of the degree of brightness and a phone or camera stand.

TikTok Lighting Options

TikTok does not need a ring light at the initial stages – natural lighting is quite suitable for shooting high-quality videos. For example, you can go to the window during daylight hours, set the correct camera settings, and create content. Subsequently, with the editor’s help, you will need to remove some flaws and make color corrections.

TikTok Ring Light
TikTok Ring Light

You can also use a regular table lamp for the phone, which can be purchased at any store. But often, in this case, the light will be warm and not so bright, which will negatively affect the quality of the content – flaws and extraneous shadows will be noticeable on the face. Therefore, as practice shows, it is better not to save money and buy a full-fledged ring light for Tik Tok (a suitable diameter of 20 to 45 centimeters).

Where to Buy A TikTok Ring Light?

It should be noted that you can buy a ring light for TikTok in any store of various accessories, but now many people prefer to order goods in online stores. I recommend buying it from Amazon for the best quality and fair price.

TikTok Ring Light
TikTok Ring Light
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How Much Does A TikTok Ring Light Costs?

The final price depends on many factors (diameter, manufacturer, availability of a tripod), so it isn’t easy to give an unambiguous answer.

But let’s turn to the largest trading platform, Amazon, which many American buyers love. And there we see that the cost of a suitable ring light starts at five dollars. And if you need an option with a stable tripod, then, in this case, you will have to pay about $15-20. Local online stores also have a TikTok ring light, and the price is about twice as high.

TikTok Ring Light
TikTok Ring Light

When choosing, I recommend paying attention to the overall rating of the product and the number of positive reviews. And if you want to buy a branded item, you can pay attention to the Weilsi 10″ With Stand option. This lamp has a diameter of 35 cm, a built-in Bluetooth button, high brightness, automatic light control, and other functions. Judging by the rating, this is the highest quality and the most expensive option (it costs about 45 dollars).

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How to Make A TikTok Ring Light with Your Own Hands?

Do you know how to make your ring light for Tik Tok so that photos and videos are high quality and professional? No, then I suggest considering an easy way, which requires only a white LED strip, thick cardboard, wire, and stationery (ruler, pencil, scissors). Well, let’s start making such a backlight for TikTok:

  1. With the help of a compass and a pencil outline the future lamp on plastic sheet. I recommend stopping at a diameter of 35 cm – this is the most suitable option for TikTok. You can choose any ring thickness, but I decided to make it standard – 4 cm.
  2. Cut out the resulting sheet, and then make the same circle. Subsequently, they will need to be connected (for example, using a glue gun). If you need a greater thickness, then cut not two but three circles. Also, a wire can be laid between the layers (to give the structure rigidity).
  3. Attach the handle, which will act as a tripod. It should be dense and hold the entire structure well (wood or durable plastic should be chosen as the material).
  4. And in the end, it remains to wrap the future ring light for TikTok with an LED strip, trying to do everything as tightly as possible. According to some users, if you choose too small a thickness of the structure, slight creases are possible (this is not critical).

Thus, we have considered why we need a ring light for TikTok, where you can buy it, how much it costs and how to make it yourself. Of course, it is easier to purchase a TikTok ring light from an online store than to make it yourself. Do you have additional questions? Then ask them in the comments below!

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