10 Secrets Tips for Recording Video at Home

10 Secrets Tips for Recording Video at Home

The whole world went online and video is on high demand. In this article I’ll tell you 10 secret tips for recording video at home for YouTube, any other platforms or just for fun. Communication with clients, colleagues, subscribers and friends takes place through the smartphone camera. And if, when talking with friends in video format, we do not think about the quality of the picture, then in the case of communicating with subscribers and clients, how you look in the frame and the quality of your video plays a crucial role. It’s great to have a cool studio for filming, a professional stylist and a full set of equipment. And if not? If this is your first time faced with the challenge of shooting professional video at home? Don’t worry – it’s not that scary.

10 Pro Tips for Recording Video at Home

10 Secrets Tips for Recording Video at Home
10 Secrets Tips for Recording Video at Home

Here are 10 life hacks for shooting a cool video. Follow these simple guidelines and you will definitely get great results.

1. Wipe down your smartphone camera. This is the simplest million dollar advice. Remember – always wipe the camera before shooting. This will make the image brighter and clearer.

2. The best light (in the absence of professional lighting sources at home) is daylight from a window. Sit or stand in front of a window (not with your back or sideways) so that the sunlight falls on your face. This is the best makeup, by the way). If there is no window in the room or the shooting is taking place at night, there is another secret: open your laptop, lean your phone against the screen, sit next to it and adjust the brightness of the laptop screen to full power. This is a great light source.

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3. Create an interesting interior for filming. Choose a place in the apartment with good lighting and see what is behind you. What from the interior gets into the smartphone camera? Try to capture interesting details of the interior, not baby socks, for example.

4. A laptop is an alternative to a tripod. If you do not have a special device for your phone, you do not need to lean it against different surfaces from which it will slide and fall all the time. Open your laptop and place your phone against the screen – it’s pretty solid. You can also buy a tripod on Amazon bellow $15.

5. We build a beautiful frame. If you are communicating with the audience, try to be the central character of the picture. Not a ceiling with a chandelier, not a white wall above your head, not a door, but you.

10 Secrets Tips for Recording Video at Home
10 Secrets Tips for Recording Video at Home

6. Do not shoot yourself from too below or from too above. Place the camera in front of your face. Take your laptop and place it at the desired height. If you shoot yourself from below, your head will be small and your body will be large. If you install the camera on top, the image will be distorted in the opposite direction.

7. Prepare a short shooting script. Whether you’re going live, chatting in an online consultation, or recording a video, you need a clear outline of what you will say. Often not the whole speech, but the plan. Improvising is much easier when you have a foundation.

8. Do a speech warm-up before shooting. Our tongue is muscles that also need to be warmed up. This technique works well: bite your tongue finely with your teeth from tip to root and back. Sit in the frame in a good mood. You can sing a song before shooting, squat. In general, get a good energy boost.

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9. Provide good sound for your videos. If there is no dedicated microphone for a smartphone, regular headphones – wired or wireless – will do. Try not to shoot without them. Unless, of course, you have a task to hear not only your voice on the video, but all the sounds around you.

10. What to do with the fear of the camera? Often, excitement literally overwhelms us. The good news is that almost everyone is worried. The news is even better – fear can easily be converted into eye-catching energy. Just think, why are you doing this? What dream are you going to? Create a chain in your head: going on air now (or filming) is an important step towards realizing a particular dream in the future. Much nicer now, right?

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