Top Trends in Photography. What Should Be Expected in 2021?

Top Trends in Photography

The world of photography does not stand still, and trends change at a rapid pace. Today, pictures with filters like Instagram are in vogue, and tomorrow – fish-frames. Anyway, I tracked new top trends in photography, and those that are returning to 2021.

1. Film Shots

Film Shots

Fashion is cyclical, and film periodically returns to the everyday life of photographers. Nowadays, the number of photographers who shoot on film is growing, be it constantly or periodically. And even though digital photography offers more opportunities for communication, development and exposure of your own photographs, film is still considered the most natural and “living” way of shooting. It’s not even about nostalgia, but about how film photography teaches us the technique of shooting. When you can’t immediately check and edit the resulting shot, you begin to notice details and evaluate the scene before taking the shot.

2. DSLRs are Turning into a Niche


“A good camera is an indicator of a good photographer”, we have heard this phrase many times, and it has become quite familiar to a wide range of people who are passionate about photography. Nevertheless, in modern realities, it is very controversial. With the popularization of mirrorless cameras, smartphones and high-quality handheld devices, DSLRs are becoming an increasingly expensive pleasure designed exclusively for professionals and those seeking to make a career in photography.

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Smartphones and mirrorless cameras are significantly smaller and lighter in weight than DSLR cameras, especially given the large interchangeable lenses. And this already attracts amateurs much more. And technology, image quality and the number of functions in them are rapidly approaching the level of DSLRs. But it cannot be said that the latter will completely go out of use. There are several factors, such as ergonomics, battery capacity, and lens selection, that leave DSLRs an advantage. In the end, it all comes down to price and preference.

3. Video Replaces Photography

Video Replaces Photography

No, this does not mean at all that photography is no longer interesting to anyone, just video is considered a much easier way to assimilate the material. Consequently, in things like a portfolio, video will work much more effectively.

In addition, video shooting has become much easier, and the quality is sometimes surprising. The video is also supported by the fact that it will be easier to watch it on the same smartphone.

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In a world where we focus on information for no more than a few seconds, grabbing attention for more time is considered a significant success. And a story told with high quality through video gives you the opportunity to do this. For professional photographers, video filming significantly expands the range of services offered.

4. Minimalism is A Thing of the Past

Minimalism is A Thing of the Past

Fed up with minimalism in all areas of visual art, we are finally returning to more capacious photographs with emphasized mood. In other words, the complete opposite of minimalism. For composition, the entire plane of the frame is now used, and no area should remain dull and empty. Bad weather now provides an excellent opportunity to capture a dramatic shot, so it will be very interesting to watch the photos in the coming year.

From underexposed and dull photographs, we're moving on to more saturated colors. So the palette of photos will definitely get wider.

5. Meaningful Shots Become More Popular

Meaningful Shots Become More Popular

Photography has always been one of the main ways to shed light on the world's problems. Today, more than ever, this trend is becoming more and more relevant.

With a large number of controversial points, opinions and questions that are worth paying attention to, the scope for pictures is truly huge. One way or another, problem and reportage photography for professionals turns into a vivid mouthpiece of opinions. But this does not mean at all that amateurs should not turn to this topic. On the contrary, now is the time to express your own observations through the lens of your own camera. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” so keep this in mind, because this is the direction that attracts the most attention in the world of photography.

6. Bird's-Eye Photography is Becoming More Common

Bird's-Eye Photography

This is not surprising at all, since one of the popular hobbies of modern photographers is drones. They are used for commercial filming, for artistic shots, and even some photo sessions are filmed using these convenient devices. It is also not harmful that the cost of drones has decreased compared to what it was 2-3 years ago. And as the availability increases, so does the number of drone footage. So, if you want to pay tribute to the fashion, then the quadcopter is a great way.

7. Filming in A Natural Setting

Filming in A Natural Setting

Studio production personnel have existed for a long time. Almost from the very appearance of cameras. But the photo studio gradually went out of fashion, and now the studios are also leaving it. Instead of portraits, photographers prefer story scenes that have a story and a mood. Such shots are shot most often right on the street or in a public place. Instead of a static white or colored background, a city is used, with its changing surroundings and natural light. And psychological portraits or fashion shots are being replaced by vivid natural situations and interaction with people or objects. The closer to the documentary, the better.

8. Animal Pictures

Animal Pictures

Great news for those who have accumulated a couple of hundred frames with cats. The fashion for interesting and effective pictures of pets is back. In fairness, not only pets are in fashion, but also wild animals, in nature or in the zoo. Pets are present in wedding photography, travel, and needless to say about cute filming of children with animals. There are truly a lot of options, and all you have to do is remember how to properly shoot animals, and then the work will go by itself.

9. Vertical Frames are Back

Vertical Frames are Back

Of course, one of the most obvious trends is vertical photography. There is a very simple explanation for this, because most of us receive almost all information from the smartphone screen. So the photos should fit perfectly into the display size.

Of course, do not forget that the composition should be solid, so if the idea of ​​the frame looks better in horizontal or square format, you should not abandon the composition. But in other cases, it will be most effective to simply rearrange the frame so that it fits into the vertical format.

10. It's Time to Go Outside

It's Time to Go Outside

Whether you're shooting city streets or natural landscapes, street photography is definitely in vogue. In addition, attention should be paid to photographs in nature, and to use it as a background for any type of shooting.

But back to the aesthetic side, because nature opens up wide possibilities: even the same place, shot by two different photographers, looks different, so there are simply no restrictions in this regard. Landscapes and city shots of any format, genre and style are definitely in trend.

Of course, we can never say with certainty that new trends will not appear in the process that will supplant their predecessors. However, the most notable trends today look something like this. And whether it is worth following them, the decision is entirely yours. If you deny fashion, then all we can advise is to listen to your own preferences and do what suits your taste. Trust me, you can never go wrong with this.