Video Production Equipment for Creating High-Quality Videos

Video Production Equipment for Creating High-Quality Videos

Hello friends. Today we will talk about video production equipment you need (well, or may need) to create high-quality videos. It all depends on your goals and the purpose of your videos: what you want to say in them and how to do it.

In general, to create high-quality videos, you may need the following equipment:

1. Camcorder, Camera or Smartphone

Of course, as the first and foremost equipment for shooting video, you will need a camcorder or a camera with a video mode.

Video Production Equipment - Video Camera
Video Production Equipment – Video Camera

Well, or a smartphone, if you are shooting on it. Every year this gadget is so pumped in terms of cameras that even today, a smartphone allows you to get a perfect picture. I’m afraid to even think about what will happen next.

But, if your video does not require your participation and specific footage, you can even do without a camera, using stock videos and images as source material.

And yes, friends, when using third-party materials (photos, videos, music), always remember about the licenses under which they are distributed.

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2. Tripod or Monopod

Suppose you intend to shoot video on a camera (or smartphone). In that case, you need to get a tripod because it is inconvenient and unprofessional to shoot video with your hands – with a very high degree of probability, the picture will jump or tremble. Stabilizing such a video at the editing stage is not the most pleasant thing.

Video Production Equipment - Video Camera on Tripod
Video Production Equipment – Video Camera on Tripod

Earlier, I reviewed an excellent budget tripod for amateur photo and video shooting – read it, I recommend it. By the way, in the same place, I’m talking about the nuance of attaching to a smartphone tripod.

3. Computer or Laptop

Of course, you need a computer or laptop for video editing. Speaking quite simply, the more influential the computer, the more comfortable working in video editing. The processor must be powerful enough. And also, there should be as much RAM as possible, at least 8 gigabytes.

Video Production Equipment - Laptop
Video Production Equipment – Laptop

But, my friends, here, too, not everything is so rigid and unambiguous. For example, suppose you plan to work with all sorts of super-special effects in heavy complex programs like Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects. In that case, you need a reasonably powerful computer.

However, if you plan to edit small, relatively simple videos without unnecessary bells and whistles, it is quite possible to work with 4 GB of RAM. It all depends on your needs – once again, I repeat.

The easiest way is if you are only going to buy a computer to edit video, come to a computer sales center and ask a consultant to recommend a model for you to edit video.

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4. Video Editing Software

And I personally highly recommend that you immediately master a professional severe video editor. So you will have more opportunities to bring your most exciting ideas to life.

Video Production Equipment - Editing Software
Video Production Equipment – Editing Software

I initially chose the Sony Vegas Pro editor for myself (it was still called that). It is a professional video editor but more straightforward than other serious video editors.

You can find tutorials on how to work in Vegas Pro here.

5. Microphone

Be sure to think about high-quality sound in your videos. If you’re planning on doing voiceovers for your videos or planning to shoot live videos with you or a character in the frame talking to the camera, be sure to invest in a good microphone.

Video Production Equipment - Microphone
Video Production Equipment – Microphone

In the case of a behind-the-scenes video, I recommend that you purchase a USB condenser microphone that connects directly to the computer without requiring any additional sound converters at all, like various sound cards that require other financial expenses.

In the case of the live video, I recommend that you purchase a lavalier microphone. By the way, not so long ago, I shared a review of one of the excellent budget lavalier microphones.

6. Lighting Equipment

To shoot live video indoors, it is essential to take care of high-quality lighting in advance. You will need softboxes on racks + cool daylight bulbs. You can either buy softboxes or make your own.

Video Production Equipment - Lighting
Video Production Equipment – Lighting

Here I wrote about how you can make softboxes with your own hands. Although, to be honest, it’s better, more reliable, and easier to order a pair of softboxes with stands and lamps inexpensively from the same Amazon (I ended up doing just that).

And also, take a look at the article on properly arranging light when shooting a video.

And, of course, an essential tool is your head with exciting ideas and solutions. Having a head on your shoulders is the most necessary equipment for shooting and editing video, and knowing how to edit video, you can get by with little but make a sweetie.

And nothing is impossible. Successes are in creativity, friends.

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