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Waterproof Cameras

The choice of a waterproof camera has become complicated since the availability of these products in considerable numbers on the market. In order not to miss the item that fits your needs, it is best to gather some information about it before buying. It is mainly the tightness of this device, its zoom and robustness that you should know. If you cannot see in its entirety our purchase guide and the rating of some devices, then only get acquainted with the characteristics of the best models that follow from our analysis. Crosstour CT9500 differs from other models by the quality of images it offers. It offers 4K technology. for its part, Olympus Tough TG – 5 can be transported anywhere and easily, because it is a very compact waterproof device.


CROSSTOUR Sport Camera 4K 20MP WiFi, Waterproof Camcorder 40m Anti-Shake

Crosstour Sport Camera
Crosstour Sport Camera

Powerful, the CT9500 is capable of shooting 4K videos at 30 fps. In addition, this model incorporates a multitude of settings including the correction of exposure when in backlight. Perfectly sealed, the case will not let the slightest drop of water pass through.

The smoothing of images is quite pronounced when the subject is not sufficiently exposed to light. On the other hand, loss of detail will be observed during landscape shooting.

The image quality that this camera offers is far superior to that of low-end cameras. In addition, it is perfectly waterproof.

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Olympus Tough TG 5 Digital Versatile Camera, 12.7 Megapixel, Color Red

Olympus Tough TG 5
Olympus Tough TG 5

Versatile, this camera can shoot outside, but also underwater. Indeed, it is equipped with a box that is perfectly waterproof. In addition, thanks to the TruePic VIII processor and its 12.7 megapixel lens the image quality will remain as excellent.

Despite the number of accessories supplied by Olympus, the lens protector is missing at the call. Difficult to take in hand, the menu of this device is poorly organized. In addition, the keys are quite small.

Thanks to its shockproof and dust-proof device, this device can be used in any situation, especially during hikes.

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Ricoh WG-60 Waterproof Compact Digital Camera 16 MP HD (1080p), Red

Ricoh WG-60
Ricoh WG-60

In an hour, this device will be able to take a hundred photos. Thanks to its shockproof and antifreeze device, it will not be afraid of shocks or extreme temperatures. The function of each button is perfectly illustrated. They are neither too big nor too small.

To transfer the images taken, it will be necessary to use the USB cable provided by Ricoh since this model does not integrate Wifi connectivity. On the other hand, the micro SD card will not come with the device.

This model is made for people who are looking for a second camera. In addition, it was designed for travel and hiking.

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How to Choose A Good Waterproof Camera?

A waterproof camera allows you to take photos, whether it’s sunny or rainy, underwater or outdoors. These devices can withstand water and various types of shocks if the one you choose is of excellent quality. We put at your disposal this buying guide for the best waterproof cameras to find the one that suits you through 3 main features: tightness, zoom and robustness.

Purchase Guide


When buying a waterproof camera, you should not just know that it is waterproof and stop there. It would also be useful to know up to what level a given model can be waterproof. By doing so, you can find out how to buy a waterproof camera of a better value for money.

The ideal is to choose a device capable of going up to 10-15 meters in depth without any risk of damaging the camera or deteriorating the quality of the photos obtained. The more the device is able to take pictures at a significant depth, the less constraints you will have on the place you can capture.

The camera’s ability to be watertight in depth also ensures that you can use it in rain or waterfall without any fear of damaging it or not having photos with good display quality. This allows you to always immortalize the moments that you consider important in your life, regardless of the circumstance, regardless of the posture of the object to be photographed and wherever you are.


If you want to see in detail every item you take photo with the help of a good waterproof camera, our tips are directed to the consideration of the zoom tool of this product. The zoom ensures that you do not have to be near the item to take a picture to see it in detail. Once this question is cleared up, you may wonder where to buy a new waterproof camera.

You can see your photos in detail as soon as you opt for a model with an optical zoom in the vicinity of 5x. the optical zoom tells you the level at which you can enlarge each photo or each item to be captured without any impact on the quality of the images obtained.


The robustness of a waterproof camera is synonymous with its longevity, no matter how you use it. That is why it would be useful to inquire about this point before moving to the price comparator. This robustness is reflected in the ability of the device to withstand not only water, but also dust, frost or shock.

It is better to check whether the model you are interested in brings together such strengths before making your choice if you plan to take pictures on various occasions. As long as the model you opt for can withstand various shocks and cold while remaining waterproof, its service life can be extended over time.

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The Best Waterproof Cameras of 2021

Best Waterproof Cameras

The design of any waterproof camera is always related to a considerable cost justifying their availability in the market at a price in accordance with their quality. Therefore, to have a quality product, it is necessary to consent to make a little investment at the time of its purchase.

1. Crosstour CT9500

Crosstour CT9500
Crosstour CT9500

Main Advantage

The main advantage of this camera is the image quality it offers. Indeed, note that it is a 4K model. this is what is being done at the moment in terms of images.

Main Drawback

The only downside with this camera, according to users, is the lack of an external mic jack. It would have been the icing on the cake for a device that already has all the advantages of a high-end camera.

Rating: 9.9 / 10

This waterproof camera allows you to take quality videos and photos. All for a price accessible to all. In addition, it is a device that is made to last in time.

Crosstour CT9500

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Main Features Explained

Main Features Explained

High Resolution

Thanks to this camera, you have the opportunity to capture any important moment in your life, and this, in all conditions. This is made possible thanks to its 4K. / 20MP lens. In addition to providing optimal image quality, this lens is angle adjustable. Thus, you will be able to get different scenes and various viewing angles.

Source: Crosstour

And now let’s talk about 4K image quality. this is the best resolution you can benefit from at the moment. This resolution also allows you to capture images in bursts, while maintaining the same quality for all shots. The advantage with continuous images is that you have the luxury of choosing the best shots and erasing others that you think are less interesting.

A Fully Waterproof Camera

This device not only allows you to take videos and photos on land, but also in underwater environments. Indeed, it is completely waterproof. So, you can also take it with you and use it during a scuba dive. Thus, you will have all the pleasure of filming the fauna and flora that the ocean is home to.

Make videos with sea turtles, jellyfish and other fish. The limit of your dive will be 40 meters, or about 130 feet. Indeed, the device cannot withstand pressure beyond this depth. But admit that this limit is largely enough to allow you to make beautiful photos and videos.

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Many Features

This is a very sophisticated camera model. And this is verified by the many features all as interesting as each other. First of all, it is equipped with an anti-tremor feature. Thus, you will be able to take quality photos and videos even while on the move. There is also the Wi-Fi feature that allows you to connect the device with others like the Smartphone.

So, you will be able to control the camera over a maximum distance of 10 meters. This connectivity also gives you the ability to make parameter settings and download files without using a cable. And to top it all off, the camera comes with a kit containing all the accessories you may need to take full advantage of the camera.

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2. Olympus Tough TG-5

Previously, cameras that could withstand water counted on their fingertips, but now this is no longer the case. Indeed, a large part of the models sold on the market are waterproof, as evidenced by the Olympus Tough TG-5. Equipped with an underwater mode, this model will continue to shoot even more than 15 meters deep and can withstand a temperature of less than 10°C.

Compact, this device measures 11.3 cm long, 6.6 cm wide, 3.19 cm thick and weighs only 250 g. at the display level, be aware that the Tough TG – 5 is equipped with a 3-inch screen. High-performance, its lens is equipped with a 12-megapixel sensor. In addition, it has a maximum aperture of 22 millimetres and a focal length of 100mm. apart from the underwater function, this version also benefits from an HDR macro mode, but also a snapshot function. In addition to this, know that this device is capable of shooting in 4k. All this is made possible thanks to the TruePic VIII processor.

Additionally, this model will be accompanied by a Lithium-ion battery, a charging cable, a wrist strap and an original Olympus CD. Apart from the charging jack, this model also has an HDMI port.

Olympus Tough TG-5

Positive Points

Waterproof: Since its housing is completely waterproof, the Tough TG – 5 will be able to film and capture images even when underwater.

A Great Goal: Whether it is outdoors or underwater, the rendering of photos and videos is still as bluff not to mention the possibility of making macros.

Solid: Equipped with a shockproof device, this camera is not afraid of falls and will last in time.

Powerful: The automatic mode is perfectly functional with both the “landscape” option and the creation of a portrait.

Negative Points

No Lens Protector: Since the device will not be accompanied by a lens protector, it will be great to buy.

Difficulty of Navigation: For someone who has never used a device of the brand, it will be destabilized by navigation since the menu is very poorly organized.

Small Keys: Given the size of the keys, they will be difficult to handle.

Olympus Tough TG-5
Olympus Tough TG-5

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3. Ricoh WG-60

Apart from the practicality, many people rely solely on the design of the device. It is for this reason that manufacturers pay special attention to the finish of their products. With its design in black and small recalls in red, the WG-60 from Ricoh is well finished. In addition, this model is endowed with a fairly futuristic aesthetics.

Waterproof: This device will be able to dive to a depth of more than 14 meters without letting in the slightest drop of water. In addition to this, this model withstands a drop of 1.6 meters and a temperature of -10°C. In terms of performance, be aware that the WG-60 incorporates a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor that is backlit as well as a 28 mm wide-angle optics with a 5x Zoom capability.

As for the resolution of videos, know that this camera is capable of shooting in Full HD with excellent sensitivity. Easy to take in hand, this version measures 12.25 cm long, 6.15 cm wide and 2.95 cm thick, in addition to this, it weighs only 193 grams. Additionally, Ricoh provides a D-LI92 lithium-ion rechargeable battery, charger, USB cable, wrist strap and macro ring.

Positive Points

Powerful: The WG – 60 is able to take a hundred photos per hour, which is a very good performance. On the other hand, the focal length is adjustable from 28 to 140.

Resistant: Equipped with protection against crush, Frost as well as dust, this device is able to withstand a pressure of more than 100 kg, a drop of a height of 1.6 meters as well as a temperature of less than 10°C.

Easy to Use: The arrangement of the buttons as well as the illustrations greatly facilitate the grip. In addition, the battery, charging cable as well as the wrist strap are provided with the device. Its weight of 193 g is also for something.

Negative Points

No WiFi: Unlike other models, the WG-60 does not incorporate any WiFi connectivity.

No Memory Card: To store images, a memory card is required. However, neither the card nor its adapter is supplied with the device.

Ricoh WG-60
Ricoh WG-60

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4. Kodak 8004707

Kodak 8004707 is a waterproof disposable camera model that allows you to take pictures in the air or under water. The camera can be used underwater up to a depth of 15 meters to allow you to take pictures without any worry of damaging the camera under the sea or in a swimming pool. This model is strong enough that you do not worry that it will break easily at the slightest shock if it slips out of your hands.

Working like a traditional camera, this model is simple to handle so you can easily teach your child to take pictures from an early age. The camera allows you to take up to 27 poses to allow you to capture every important moment through images. As long as you know how to frame each shot and take your photos in Bright Places Even under water, the photos obtained will be acceptable.

The quality of Kodak 8004707 comes in fourth place compared to the previously described devices. Nevertheless, if you have not yet been able to find your model among these three products, then this one could be an alternative answer to the questions, how to choose the model that suits you from the best waterproof cameras of 2020 or which waterproof disposable camera to buy.

Kodak 8004707
Kodak 8004707

The Kodak 8004707, the waterproof and disposable camera is a great success. It is even part of the top 5, in the ranking of consumer favorite waterproof cameras. Its main asset is its affordable price for small budgets.

Positive Points

Easy Handling: Even children will have no trouble using the Kodak 8004707. It is not embarrassed by complicated and expensive options. It ensures its essential role: taking beautiful pictures, even in aquatic environments.

Low Price: If you need a good camera for the holidays but you don’t want to buy one too expensive because you won’t often need it afterwards, then the Kodak 8004707 is the camera you need. It represents the cheapest solution.

Negative Points

Basic: You will not find super elaborate options with this device. It is content with the minimum. But given the price and the fact that it is a disposable device, one thinks that one can do without these futile options.

Kodak 8004707
Kodak 8004707

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5. Easypix Splash W1024

Easypix Splash W1024 is a waterproof digital camera model that allows you to take photos that are close to those of a professional. Resistant to water, dust and shock, this model allows you to take pictures at different places. That is why, on some occasions, this model appears in a comparison of waterproof cameras made known to the general public.

The camera has a 4x digital zoom allowing you to see the smallest details of each item taken. In addition, this model is accompanied by a CMOS sensor that allows you to take photos with a resolution of 16 megapixels to allow you to get clear and sharp images.

The device has a 2.4-inch LCD screen that allows you to well-framed and clearly see in advance the area to be photographed. This model has a flash system that allows you to always have clear images even if you take your photos at night or in dark places. By its quality, Easypix Splash W1024 is only the last among the five products described but compared to many products on the market, it can be an answer to your question if at the moment you are wondering which is the best Easypix waterproof camera on the market.

Before embarking on any purchase, first consider comparing the different waterproof cameras available on the market. Among those who are most successful, you will probably come across the Easypix Splash W1024.

Easypix Splash W1024
Easypix Splash W1024

Positive Points

Photo Quality: Whether dry or underwater, the photos taken by the camera are sharp.

Solid: The device is not afraid of water, dust, shock. So you can entrust it to your child without much fear.

Negative Points

Battery Life: Due to the small size of the batteries, it will be expected to change them often, in case of frequent use of the device. The ideal would be to use rechargeable batteries.

Easypix Splash W1024
Easypix Splash W1024

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6. Sony DSC-TX30L

Sony DSC-TX30L is a waterproof digital camera model that is both durable and powerful. This model is not afraid of water, dust, Frost, Shock. This indicates that you can bring it with you when doing diving, swimming, skiing or any kind of sporting activity without fear of seeing it damage easily.

The device has an Exmor R 18.2 mpx CMOS sensor that allows you to take photos and record videos with high-definition images. The videos that this camera can record are perfectly smooth. This model has a 5x optical zoom lens from ZEISS that allows you to take photos or record videos by making you see clearly the smallest details of each captured image.

Sony DSC-TX30L has a 3.3-inch LCD screen that allows you to clearly see the pictures taken or the videos recorded to know in advance whether you liked them or not. Used underwater, the camera stays perfectly sealed up to a depth of 10m which is ample enough to take photos or record videos during a nation or dive. This model gathers the characteristics of the best waterproof digital camera on the market.

Sony DSC-TX30L
Sony DSC-TX30L

Sportsmen and adventurers strongly prefer waterproof cameras. But which waterproof camera to choose? Many recommend the Sony DSC-TX30L for its image quality and impact and element resistance.

Positive Points

Water-Tightness: In aquatic environment, you can use this device up to 10 m deep. According to user reviews, this is the ideal camera for your swimming or diving sessions.

Tough: The Sony DSC-TX30L is not just water resistant. It is also shockproof, and is not afraid of being damaged by dust, or frost. This is probably the most efficient device in terms of solidity.

Quality Photos: The Sony DSC-TX30L incorporates the technologies needed to take quality photos. 18.2 megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor, 5x optical zoom with Carl Zeiss lens etc… your holiday memories photos will be very sharp.

HD Video: The Sony DSC-TX30L can also record HD videos. You will be able to have quality and ultra-stable videos thanks to the optical stabilizer SteadyShot active mode.

Template: This camera has a very small size and extra-slim. It is thus very space-saving and can be easily carried away.

Negative Points

Touch Screen: In wet (under water) environment, the touch screen becomes a little less reactive.

Sony DSC-TX30L
Sony DSC-TX30L

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