Waterproof Child Camera – Buying Guide, Rating and Review

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Best Waterproof Child Camera

Taking a picture is now something common among adults and young people. Even the children took a liking to it and do not hesitate to take the parents ‘ Smartphones into the pool to immortalize the moment. To prevent these trimmings from drowning your phone, we have prepared this purchase guide for you on waterproof child cameras. This ranking will allow you to find the model that will be best suited for your toddler depending on the tightness, available functions or autonomy.

In addition, we suggest two of the most popular products by parents, if you do not have the desire to read the entire article. You can then opt for the Rollei Sportline 100 which can go up to 10 meters deep without being damaged. There is also the Vmotal GDC5261 which has 10 keys to simplify handling of this model.


ROLEI Sportsline 100 Waterproof Camera, 20 MP Sony Sensor and 4x Optical Zoom, Water Resistance up to 10 meters, Blue

Rollei Sportsline 100 Camera
Rollei Sportsline 100 Camera

This device is waterproof up to 10 meters deep, which is a revolution for models specially designed for children. So, you can use it to dive and capture beautiful images of the underwater world.

The only weak point of this product is its high energy consumption. It is necessary to provide several changes if you want to use it throughout the day.

The quality of this device is quite remarkable, because it meets all the requirements in terms of design and practicality. But autonomy is likely to cost parents dearly if their little one does not get tired easily.

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Vmotal GDC5261 Waterproof Digital Camera with 4x / 8MP Digital Zoom / 2 Inch TFT LCD Screen for Kids, Blue

Vmotal GDC5261
Vmotal GDC5261

Keyboard operation is an indisputable asset of this device. This allows easy use even for children. Indeed, with 10 buttons available, it is no longer necessary to browse the settings to make adjustments.

Since it does not have internal memory, you need to buy an additional SD card. It is therefore not possible to use it without this accessory and it may not please some consumers.

It is a good device that meets almost all the requirements of users, but buying the batteries and the SD card in extra greatly harms its reputation.

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WomDee Camera Child Waterproof Digital Video Camera Diving Camera Waterproof 3 Meters, Shockproof

WomDee Camera Child Waterproof
WomDee Waterproof Camera

Given the exceptional features of this model (shock proof, multilingual, O/S support), it offers a very good value for money. Indeed, it is the cheapest product of this comparison, without decreasing in performance.

Power consumption could be the biggest flaw of this device. It is then better to provide replacement batteries in order to take full advantage of this model.

This specimen is quite suitable for children, but its autonomy leaves a little to be desired. In addition, its features are remarkable, even if it is designed for small ones.

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How to Choose Good Waterproof Child Cameras?

Today’s children are just as addicted to the camera as their elders. So, they also like to send their images on social networks, especially during highlights like going to the pool or bathing in the sea. Of course, to find something that meets their criteria, parents need to make a selection from many articles.

When choosing a child camera, the first thing to take into account is, of course, tightness. This will allow him to take it with him for his diving baptism and take his own photos or just to immortalize his joyful moments with his friends and family at the pool.

In order for the images to be clear and sharp, this model must have an autofocus. Added to this, the burst would allow you to choose the best shots. In addition, some pattern programs would be required. Taking pictures will then be much easier for the little one.

There is also the video function. Indeed, children will want to film events in HD, in addition to photographs. For this, it would be better if the device was equipped with a screen and optical zoom. The recording time must also exceed 15 minutes for the cherub to discover his cameraman skills.

Since a kid will not always think about recharging this machine, the latter must offer good autonomy. If possible, it would be necessary to buy a model that can hold at a minimum, half a day. Your child will then be able to take full advantage of it.

What Are the Best Waterproof Child Cameras?

Best Waterproof Child Camera

1. Rollei Sportsline 100 Waterproof Camera

The Rollei Sportline 100 was designed with a 20 megapixel Sony sensor. This feature guarantees very high-quality images in the open air as well as under water and this, even in the hands of a child.

Its manufacture also allows it to go up to 10 meters deep. Your little one will be able to take a picture of the fish during his first scuba dive, or capture the smiles of friends in the pool.

It has a 720p HD video function (1280 x 720/30 ips), with a recording time of 29 minutes per shot. Your little one will then be able to film everything that happens around him during the holidays at the sea.

Thanks to the 28 pre-recorded pattern programs, this device will be much easier to handle. It is equipped with rafale, panorama or even serial images functions.

Rollei Sportsline 100 Camera
Rollei Sportsline 100 Camera

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2. Vmotal GDC5261 Waterproof Digital Camera

Among all the items in this comparison, this model is undoubtedly the most suitable for children. It was designed to withstand a depth of 3 meters. It is therefore perfect for little ones who particularly enjoy swimming and snorkeling.

With a net weight of 80 grams, the toddler will not get tired even when carrying it with him all day. It would also be ideal to hang it on a rope to prevent the child from losing it.

This model is also designed with 10 Keys, including menu, mode, negative zoom, positive zoom, or trash. This keyboard operation ensures easier use of this device.

The 2-inch TFT LCD screen is a must, as it will allow the little one to see the images he takes. This will make capturing photos even easier.

Vmotal GDC5261
Vmotal GDC5261

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3. WomDee Child Waterproof Digital Video Camera

This model was made with good tightness, because your kid will be able to take it up to 3 meters deep under water. So, it is quite suitable for holidays at the sea and moments of joy at the pool.

It is made with an anti-shock design with an orange protective cover. Then you will have nothing to fear in the event that the child drops it on the floor.

TFT LCD display, 1.5 ~ 8 focus and 16 x digital zoom guarantee high quality photos. So, your little one will have no trouble using it.

This unit also has a built-in microphone and speakers, allowing you to record and listen to sounds without having to connect it to another machine.

WomDee Waterproof Camera
WomDee Waterproof Camera

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