What is the Best Waterproof Disposable Camera of the Year?

Kodak Disposable Camera

In some situations where it will be necessary to take pictures in unfavorable conditions, the waterproof camera solves this problem. Camera manufacturers created waterproof disposable cameras that will provide you good image quality in extreme weather conditions.

When you browse a comparison to discover a waterproof disposable camera, you have to be very vigilant. Indeed, each model has its level of tightness (waterproof capability). In principle, this qualifier is given to the disposable cameras that can be used underwater. So that you can enjoy the benefits of a waterproof disposable camera, choose the model that can be used at a depth of 10-15 meters without altering the quality of the image.

Then check the storage space of the camera. Unlike digital models, it is impossible to delete an image taken with waterproof disposable cameras to make more space. The most powerful models can contain about twenty photos.

Waterproof Disposable Camera

Finally, attach very great importance to the structure. Most waterproof disposable cameras are made with plastic, but some are more robust than others. So that you can use your disposable camera at any time, in harsh conditions, it is better to bet on a very durable model.

In addition to all these criteria, the best way to choose a waterproof disposable camera is to rely on brands that inspire confidence. Of those who are in no way likely to disappoint you, Kodak is undoubtedly the most experienced. For several years already, this manufacturer is considered a serious and reliable brand. By the way, we invite you to discover the Kodak waterproof disposable camera that has delighted thousands of users.

1. Kodak 8004707

Kodak 8004707
Kodak 8004707

This waterproof disposable camera has been designed to ease use and enumerability to suit everyone, even children. The only drawback – this Kodak waterproof disposable camera has only essential functions with traditional photography technology.

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Rating: 9.3 / 10

Without artifice, this camera makes you re-discover the traditional way to take pictures. However, the quality and resolution of the images have nothing to envy to more sophisticated models that cost much more.

Main Features of Kodak 8004707

Kodak 8004707
Kodak 8004707


There is no doubt that this Kodak camera deserves to be called waterproof. Indeed, it has been designed to provide the same performance when used in water or rainy weather. When you go diving or take excellent pictures at the bottom of the pool, this model will satisfy you.

As long as you stay at a depth less than or equal to 15 meters, this camera will work perfectly. Like all waterproof disposable cameras, this one requires only a certain degree of brightness to give an optimal result. As always, the Kodak brand shows us that it lives up to its reputation.


Because you could use this camera in pretty harsh conditions, know that its structure is designed to withstand shocks. Whether you put it in your backpack with all your belongings or wear it around your neck, you do not risk damaging the device. Some users do not hesitate to entrust it to their children who are making their debut in photography.

Falls and shocks will not affect the accessories and the operating mechanism of this camera due to the robustness of its structure. This aspect is especially appreciated by hikers and nature explorers who are often faced with challenging conditions.


It is worth mentioning that this waterproof disposable camera works using a protected alkaline battery in an airtight case. As the whole structure, the battery is suitable for single use. As for the internal storage space, remember that you can take around 27 photos with this camera. This capacity is ample enough to allow you to capture the most exciting moments and facts.

You must take into account that this camera uses a traditional mechanism. You will not have the opportunity to delete photos or zoom in. Mind you, it will teach you to become a real pro in pictures to the extent that you should frame well and find the correct orientation for optimal shooting.

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