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A wedding is an unforgettable and happy event for newlyweds. Two people take an oath of endless and faithful love. This greatest event must be preserved for years to come, and the best way is with memorable photographs. In ten, twenty or fifty years, having opened your photo album, you will again be enveloped by those pleasant feelings of delight and joy that overwhelmed you on the day of your wedding. The wedding photographer, in turn, will do his best to create this splendour.

Wedding Photographer in Your City: What A Professional Should Be?

An experienced photographer is able to capture the perfect shot at any time. This distinguishes him from the amateur who is good at taking pictures of acquaintances or nature, but does not have the ability to see opportunities for a good shot. Skill comes with experience, and only a professional possesses it.

An excellent wedding photographer understands how to react to changing conditions. The weather may improve or worsen, daylight may give way to evening. A professional will not be lost in any situation, will continue to give you recommendations and advice throughout the holiday.

What Else Sets an Experienced Photographer Apart?

  • He will ask you to tell when and where the wedding will take place, how many hours the celebration will last, what are your special wishes for shooting… And only after that he will determine the cost of his work;
  • A professional shoot only with a modern, proven camera;
  • The photographer processes the received frames within several weeks, and if the images are needed “here and now”, express work is done in 5-7 days with a corresponding surcharge;
  • A good specialist will offer you a personal meeting to discuss all the details, after which he will draw up a formal contract.

Addition to the last point: if you cannot meet with a photographer in Moscow, communication will take place online. The contract can be drawn up remotely, then both parties (the newlyweds and the professional) print and sign copies.

Now I will tell you with my example how successful wedding pictures are created.

Technical Aspects of The Wedding Photo Session

I believe that when an experienced wedding photographer finds rapport with the newlyweds, the technical issues add up by themselves. And yet clients often ask me about the shooting process, so I describe the basic details of my work.

The pictures are taken with light correction and a competent angle. Such photographs retain their natural, organic artistry, which facilitates further processing of materials. I do not embellish the sources in Photoshop, I only supplement the materials with light strokes and color correction. I cope with the task of preserving organics brilliantly, because I have a flair for choosing the best location.

Several hundred photos can be taken in one photo session. The filming process is constant communication between the photographer and the newlyweds, and it is communication that guarantees the organic nature of the frame. I do not interfere with the wedding celebration with my advice, but I maintain a festive mood and give hints on location in the frame. There will be many unsuccessful pictures, but it is among them that we will find diamonds that will give happy memories of the wedding.

Let me tell you a secret, as an experienced photographer: 80-90% of the materials will be unusable. This is totally normal. The remaining 20-10% of the pictures will delight you for many years. To achieve this result, I will give recommendations on how to prepare for the wedding.

Recommendations for Newlyweds for Shooting

Make all the necessary preparations in advance, do not leave everything for the last day. Think about your makeup and hair beforehand. You should feel comfortable with your wedding look. It creates the right mood for the bride, and this positive enthusiasm will have a positive effect on the quality of the photos.

Pro Tip: Do a “rehearsal” with your planned hair and makeup. If you like the created image 100%, show it up at the wedding.

It is not recommended to use untested cosmetics; a sudden allergy will cause a lot of trouble. And in the morning before the holiday, devote half an hour of your time to visiting a beauty salon.

Choose accessories for the bride and groom in a way that matches well. Wedding shoes need to be tried on and distributed for greater comfort during the holiday. In winter, you can, even need to take warm clothes with you, and during a walk, it is advisable for newlyweds to observe the norm in drinking alcohol. If you plan to visit the solarium before the wedding, do not overdo it, it is better to be a little paler than red from sunburn.

Plan Your Wedding Day and Photo Walk Route in Advance

If registration is scheduled for the afternoon, it is more convenient to take a walk-in advance. To create creative photos for a walk, I recommend taking a couple of accessories – an umbrella, a hat with earflaps, etc… If possible, you should have a blanket with you for taking pictures on the grass. During a photo shoot, don’t worry about your guests – they will find something to do (think about snacks in advance).

It is important to get enough sleep before the wedding in order to be fresh and vigorous. On the night before the wedding, it is not recommended to have a stag or hen party. In the registry office, do everything slowly: try to look at each other, putting signatures in the certificate, do not lean too much towards the table. Remember! This moment will not happen again, and the photographer will take a lot of beautiful pictures at this time.

Assign Responsibility for The Photo Session

Choose a few people who will know everything about your wedding. This is the schedule, schedule, routes, addresses of those to whom you may visit during the wedding procession. Young people should not be engaged in secondary troubles, because on this day it is necessary to surrender to the emotions of joy and happiness. If the mood is spoiled due to problems, it will be difficult for a photographer in Moscow to work, and you will not like wedding pictures.

In addition to the advice to “pick several people,” I’ll give you a second recommendation: invite a coordinator. A person who solves all organizational issues on the day of the holiday. The specialist will do his job, and you can enjoy the celebration carefree.

Wedding Photo Session: The Most Important Thing is A Smile

Always smile – getting out of the car, walking down the street, talking to friends, and keep your posture. Did you know that 17 seconds of continuous smiling triggers the release of happiness hormones? Remember this, stay joyful every moment of the celebration.

Today is the happiest day in your life. Maintain an energetic and positive attitude, believe me, this task is easily accomplished. When we are in love, the whole world is transformed with colors of happiness. Look at your family and friends – each of them is happy. One glance at your surroundings will be enough for you to keep a smile on your face.

I help my favorite clients to stay in a positive mood. Being a sociable and cheerful person, I transfer my energy to the newlyweds. Maintaining a great atmosphere is one of the tasks of a wedding photographer. Therefore, I can joke, cheer up the groom or the bride with a kind word, even come up with a funny toast. Then you don’t have to portray emotions for photos, everything will happen by itself.

The main condition is the natural smile of the heroes of the occasion. I do everything so that the newlyweds do not stop feeling the festive atmosphere even for a second, and I successfully cope with the task. Take my word for it: in the company of a good photographer, you can’t help but smile.

Let the holiday swallow you completely, radiate oceans of joy and positiveness. The camera will capture the best moments of the celebration, from which an album of your happiness will be compiled.

Your task is to prepare for the wedding and enjoy every wonderful moment. For my part, I will create a “memory for all time” – unique pictures that convey genuine emotions of joy and happiness. One glance at the photographs will evoke pleasant memories even after 50 years. And the children will live these bright moments with you.

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