What is the Best Easypix Waterproof Digital Camera of 2021?

Best Easypix Waterproof Digital Camera

Doing water and underwater activities always offers moving moments. However, the problem often arises when one wants to immortalize these moments. Electronic equipment such as cameras or Smartphones cannot be used in water. Therefore, if you want to take photos or record videos during your water activities, you will need a special device. This special camera is what is known as waterproof digital camera.

In principle, a waterproof camera works in the same way as an ordinary camera. That is, it has a sensor for capturing videos or photos. It will then save it in digital format in an integrated memory or in an external storage device. The only difference between these two products is their coating. A waterproof device effectively has a waterproof coating that prevents water from seeping into electronic circuits.

Finding a waterproof digital camera model is not at all easy to achieve. As with ordinary cameras, comparatives are abundant in models. Therefore, if you want to pass this step more easily, it is imperative to rely on criteria specific to this type of product. Among these criteria, the most important is the resolution of the sensor. It is depending on this sensor that you will get good or bad image quality. Indeed, in order to obtain good quality images so as not to lose any details, you must always opt for a model with a fairly powerful sensor. Otherwise, you may be disappointed in the result.

The autonomy of a camera is also important whether it is waterproof or not. Indeed, it is always better to have a camera with a battery powerful enough to be able to use the device longer. However, since it is sometimes difficult to find outlets for charging the device on water, a device that works with batteries will be best. Like this, you will only have to take spare batteries and change them when they are empty.

Here is a model of waterproof digital camera from Easypix that seduced us in a comparative.

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Easypix W1400

The peculiarity of this model of waterproof digital camera is that it can take good quality photos at any depth, whether in a pool or in the sea.

The disadvantage of this product is its power which obviously consumes a lot of energy, which makes it less autonomous.

Easypix W1400
Easypix W1400

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Main Features Explained

Features of Easypix W1400

Good Design

Although some people do not attach much importance to the appearance of this kind of device, we still took a rather seductive model. Indeed, this is a fairly powerful camera that is also quite attractive. Its rather peculiar design is also one of the reasons why we chose this model.

This waterproof digital camera has blue as its base color. It is a color that will appeal to anyone and fits well with the environment where it will be used, namely in the water. To refine the design, designers opted for the gray color. We see this color especially on the sensor and around the screen.

Easy to Use

Ease of use is also an important criterion when choosing an electronic device. This is precisely the case for this product. All the details have been made so that this is the case. First of all, there is the size that provides a fairly easy grip. It has a dimension of 10 x 10 x 7 cm, which is easily held in one hand.

It has a 2.4-inch LCD type screen, which is quite large. The control and configuration keys are located strategically close to the screen. The on / off and capture keys are located on the top of the device for easy and quick access.

Good Quality

This product has a high-resolution sensor, capable of capturing good quality photos or videos, and at any depth. Its sensor is 16 megapixels, which is quite powerful for this kind of device. With its 4x digital zoom, you can take good quality photos even at a fairly far distance.

This device works with two AAA type batteries. This is because you can take reserves of batteries and continue to use your device for quite a long time even without electricity. It is compatible with micro SD type memory cards up to 32GB.

Easypix W1400
Easypix W1400

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