What to Shoot During the New Year Holidays?

New Year Holidays

If it were not for these and other similar shots, then we would never have been able to see with our own eyes old New York and people looked like in 1908, very distant for us.

And today, almost everyone has the opportunity to capture on video what is happening around him. Well, try at least for the New Year holidays to become a photographer, video chronicler, a reporter, perpetuating the first steps of 2022.

Who knows, suddenly, it is in your frames that descendants will represent our time. And to do this, aiming at something with a video camera, keep this thought in your head.

  • What would you like to show to posterity?
  • Do they need to see it in total growth?
  • Do you need to consider something in more detail?

It will help you cut the unnecessary and shoot in a variety of ways.

New Year Holidays
What to Shoot During the New Year Holidays?

Our eyes, directly connected to the brain, are an amazingly delicate device that can cover an ample space and focus on a tiny object, excluding everything else from the sphere of attention. So when examining frames, having received an initial general impression, we want to see its parts in more detail, be it even a tiny object.

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By changing the scale and angle of the shots and collecting the plot of their pieces, we copy our visual impressions in real life. But when changing the shooting points, you need to remember that you cannot make unreasonable jumps from one point to another.

What to Shoot During the New Year Holidays?
What to Shoot During the New Year Holidays?

A scene consisting of several plans will leave the impression of a single whole only if it is visually logically built; each plan seems to continue the previous one.

And one more thing: remember that your trump card is subjective, so try to shoot more of the little things that you noticed. Such subjective shots raise amateur creativity to the height of interest comparable to the professional cinema because the found clean texture will always justify errors in camera skills.

It is not for nothing that professionals use amateur footage if something unique is captured on them. Therefore, do not hesitate and do not be lazy to shoot any little thing on the camera if it seemed to you something curious.

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