Why to Choose Oppo Find X2 Neo? Review

Oppo Find X2 Neo

In this analysis, we review in depth each of the characteristics that make up the Oppo Find X2 Neo: its curved screen, its 5G processor and its cameras. Is it worth investing in this mobile? Let’s see it.

Oppo is creating a very complete family of mobiles. Since it presented the first Find X2, it has not stopped announcing new versions with its own characteristics and different prices in order to reach all pockets within the upper-middle range.

The mobile that we will talk about in this review, the Oppo Find X2 Neo, is the middle brother between Find X2 and X2 Lite. It shares many of the characteristics of these models, but with a certain combination that has allowed Oppo to place its price at $710.74.

Its four rear cameras, its compatibility with 5G networks and its curved screen promise us a very interesting mobile within the most powerful mid-range. However, you don’t have to judge a book by its cover, so we’re going to delve into each of its specs to find out if the Oppo Find X2 Neo really delivers on what it promises.

Comfortable And Attractive, The Design of The Oppo Find X2 Neo has Conquered Us

Slim, comfortable, with a large screen and bold colors, Oppo has nailed it with the design. The Find X2 Neo has hardly any faults on its exterior, it is a mobile that does not go unnoticed without the need for being shrill and on top of that it is comfortable to use.

Its curved edges added to that its thickness is not excessive, makes it very pleasant when using it with one or two hands. It is true that the screen is large enough to make it difficult to do everything with one hand, but we have shortcuts or gestures, which we will talk about later, that make it easier for us.

We could only fault the Find X2 Neo in this section and we have said that the edges are curved, but they are not smooth. The entire outline is covered by a section that separates the case from the screen and to the touch it shows, the finish is not as polished as would be expected.

This problem is solved with a cover that comes included in the box . It is a simple and thin silicone case that does not make the phone grow excessively or weigh more and that allows you to see the design and colors of the phone, although not in such detail. It is also a way to protect the rear cameras that protrude a little from the housing.

The case does not compete in prominence with the front screen. It is silicone, but the gradient of bluish tones captures all eyes. Whatever the angle from which the light gives it, in our humble opinion, it gives a lot of life to the mobile. Effect that may not be the same in the black color model, but it is a matter of taste.

The lighter shades are closer to the cameras to direct the gaze towards them obviously. Four cameras in vertical position that we will talk about in more depth in another section.

The best thing about this surface, apart from the colors, is that the footprints are almost unmarked. It disguises the dirt that we leave with our hands when using it very well, it does not happen the same with the cover, although it does not show much either.

The bottom and top are flat so the mobile can stand up easily. At the bottom is the slot for attaching the SIM card, USB-C port and speaker. That’s it, we must say goodbye to the headphone minijack.

HDR, 90 Hz And AMOLED, We Can Not Ask For Much More From The Screen

We now turn to the screen, a large panel whose edges are curved. It is barely framed by a thin black line that separates it from the case, because Oppo’s intention has been that the screen seems infinite. Curved edges work to see more image and are tactile.

They have also included a small hole in the upper left corner where the front camera looks out. It is small and does not bother almost anything in the use of the mobile, except for some video where it sneaks, but normally the videos do not include relevant details at that angle. HDR on screens is not the same as on cameras. Here we tell you what each one is and what differences there are.

As we have said before, the screen size is perfect for all types of content with 6.4 inches , without the phone being excessively large. It is also well calibrated and the resolution of this AMOLED panel of 2,400 x 1,080 pixels lives up to many of the quality content that we can currently find on the internet.

This image quality would have been lame if it were not HDR compatible to have a higher color contrast. In a mobile of this price we do not expect less, so we can not complain. On the other hand, we have a 90 Hz refresh rate that can be reduced to 60 Hz in the phone settings if we do not want the battery to drain so quickly.

We also have no complaints with the screen brightness reaching 500 nits and serving both indoors and outdoors on very sunny days. What’s more, the automatic adjustment system correctly levels the intensity of the screen brightness, so we haven’t had to worry about that at any time.

Within the settings we can choose a smoother color calibration level if we prefer and we can adapt much of the interface to a dark mode that helps to reduce the battery drain a bit.

A Superb Snapdragon 765G with 12 GB of RAM

We now jump into the interior of this smartphone. The Find X2 Neo can boast equipment , just like the rest of its siblings. At the heart of this phone, Oppo has installed a Snapdragon 765G processor , one of the latest Qualcomm chips intended for the most premium mid-range.

It is true that we have to give up the most powerful engine of this brand, the 8XX series, but Qualcomm has managed to maintain some of the strengths of this superior range in the 7XX. The 765G is also built in 7 nanometers and has an integrated 5G antenna , although it is not compatible with all the 5G frequency bands, but we will explain this in the connectivity section.

To be more specific, the Snapdragon 765G is made up of an eight-core CPU : six of them at 2.4 GHz and two at 1.8 GHz. It is accompanied by the Adreno 620 as a GPU and by 12 GB of LPDDR4X RAM.

To that huge RAM, we have to add a storage space of 256 GB. We can not ask for more RAM or capacity, the phone does not allow expanding the space with a microSD card , although it should not be necessary at all, filling those 256 GB will be difficult.

To give you an idea of ​​the level of performance achieved by this team, we leave you a table with the tests we have carried out compared to the results obtained by other mobiles.

With 48 Mpx we can also use HDR achieving a clearer result and with more vivid colors that do not seem very natural to us, to put on social networks it can go through some excessive filter, but the naturalness is lost a bit.

However, this result on other occasions is very subtle and there is hardly any difference between one shot and another. In short, we can leave HDR activated all the time as it offers us a subtle but necessary retouching in most photos. Not the same with the color filter.

This filter enhances the colors of the scene in excess, be it a green, a yellow, or a red. The photographs do not seem natural but painted and are useless even for social networks where the level of saturation of colors is also usually very popular. In this case it is excessive and we don’t see much use for it, quite the opposite of the night mode.

One of the strengths of this photographic equipment is its Night Mode . The cameras of the Oppo Find X2 Neo have shown us that even in the worst situations where photography would be completely dark, Night Mode can recover the details of the scene much more clearly.

Finally, we highlight the Portrait Mode of this mobile. It is not one of the best but we can adjust the intensity when blurring the background and at the highest level it is not artificial. The Oppo Find X2 Neo cuts well the person’s silhouette, although with some flaws such as glasses, without it being a very marked cut. In any case, it is better to stay at an intermediate level so that the effect is not so marked.

The same goes for the 32 Mpx front camera . It does not have the capabilities of the rear cameras, but 32 Mpx is a very good camera that captures a lot of light and respects the color range of the scene. Its portrait mode does not get along well with details such as glasses, but we can also level it at our whim, just like the beauty filter that we can adjust to this side of the phone in many aspects.

From enlarging the eyes, lengthening the face, smoothing the skin or giving a touch of color to the cheeks, Oppo gives many options for each of us to do the touch-ups that we like, in this way we control that the mobile does not make us Martians and let’s go with a better face.

So that you can check for yourself all that we are telling you about the five cameras of the Oppo Find X2 Neo, we leave you a gallery with some of the photos we have taken and in this link they are all in original format to see the quality of each image well.

The video recording is another interesting quality Mobile this. Its front camera can record at 1080p, while the rear ones get 4K videos at 30 frames per second with a very interesting stabilization.

We have three levels, a simple one that is already quite remarkable, an ultra stabilization in which sudden changes are cushioned when recording on the move and without a tripod and a third level called ultra stabilization pro that takes that control of movement even further. You can see the two most powerful levels in these examples.

Somewhat Low Battery That is Solved with A Good Fast Charge

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We now turn to the autonomy section. Here we find lights and shadows, but mainly it has left us with good feelings. The Oppo Find X2 Neo has a 4,025 mAh battery that, for the range of this mobile, we are a little short.

We expected a little more battery life, which does not mean that we are not happy with it. In general, it has lasted almost two days, a day and a half in many cases . It is a good number, although as we currently say we have already found other phones with up to 5,000 mAh that offer you three days of use without a charger. Also, if we add games and the screen with 90 Hz, the battery disappears very quickly.

Anyway, it is a detail that we can ignore, because the moment you run out of battery, you will not have to wait long to have it full again. The 4,025 mAh of this component fill up in no time with the 30W fast charge that Oppo has included.

Oppo Find X2 Neo – Charging

In just over an hour it takes this battery to go from 2 to 100% . This implies that even if you forget to charge the phone at night or if you are in a hurry and you see that your battery is somewhat low, you can always put about 20 minutes to charge the phone, while you prepare to go outside and have a battery spare until you get home. Of course, this system translates into an increase in temperature both by the phone and the charger itself.

Anyway, you can always count on the battery saving system . Oppo has several methods that reduce consumption, softening the screen brightness, closing applications in the background. We can customize the level at which we want this saving to be activated and thus never run out of mobile, even be always saving battery when we are not using the mobile, although the latter may affect notifications.

5G, NFC and Bluetooth 5.1, Little Else Can You Ask For

The first thing we have to mention in the connectivity section is, without a doubt, that this is a 5G mobile . The Oppo Find X2 Neo allows us to enjoy the latest telecommunications networks, which offer a higher transmission speed.

We have already told you many times about the benefits of 5G , although in this case, the mobile is not compatible with all. We only have the 5G NSA , that is, the first phase of deployment that the operators are undergoing. The second phase, the 5G SA, which should be ready by 2021, is not compatible with the Find X2 Neo.

Of course, we can also make use of 2G, 3G and 4G, as well as WiFi networks with a frequency of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, which is known as WiFi ac. In connectivity, this phone also includes NFC, which has been highly demanded in recent months to pay with the mobile phone and thus avoid using cash to reduce the spread of diseases.

An important detail is that it only accepts a SIM card , specifically a Nano SIM. We will not be able to enjoy the Dual SIM function, or expand the storage space with a Micro SD, although on the other hand, it should not be necessary with 256 GB of memory.

OPPO Find X2 Neo (5G) CPH2009
OPPO Find X2 Neo (5G) CPH2009

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We also have no headphone minijack, we have to resort to an adapter or rely on current wireless headphones. For this, Oppo has included Bluetooth 5.1 connection , the latest standard, faster and that reaches greater distances, so that we enjoy playing sports with music without problems.

Since we are talking about the headphone jack, say that the box includes headphones with the USB-C connector to fit perfectly with the phone. They are very simple, but the sound quality is good and they are quite comfortable on even the smallest ears.

As for the speaker that has the phone itself at the bottom, it is alone . We do not have a second speaker for stereo sound. Still it is heard loud and the sound quality, even at maximum volume is very good.

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Conclusions: Oppo Find X2 Neo, More Hits Than Mistakes

The best we can say about the Oppo Find X2 Neo is that it was very difficult for us to find fault with it . It is not a mobile that stands out above the rest for anything in particular, it does not have the best processor, nor the most spectacular cameras, nor the largest battery, but overall it is a very capable mobile.

We have a 5G connection, a screen that we liked a lot, as well as the design, the fast charge has saved us on more than one occasion and has hardly given us problems in any aspect. The few weak points that we can think of are very simple details , such as that we miss the headphone minijack, that the side of the phone is not as polished as we would like or that not all the functions of the cameras have seemed useful to us.

In short, Oppo is doing things very well , it offers a wide variety of mobiles which has given them a very nice design and it is up to you to choose one or the other depending on your needs and the budget you have . Oppo is moving in a very difficult terrain in which Xiaomi and realme are competing strongly, but we can say that with mobiles like the Oppo Find X2 Neo, they are not very misled.

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