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How to Transfer a Business from Windows to Mac OS?

In recent years, many large companies and entrepreneurs are abandoning Windows and moving to a more stable Mac OS. The Apple operating system is better protected from intruders, and more convenient for remote work. We will tell you about all the advantages of this platform, and also make a detailed guide on transferring information from Windows to Mac OS.

Safety Comes First in Transfer of Files From Windows to Mac OS

Apple is renowned for its scrupulousness regarding data security. All Apple devices are already out of the box as much as possible protected from hacking and viruses, for this there is no need to install additional software. There are very few malicious programs for macOS, especially when compared to the same Windows. The “fault” is the architecture of the Cupertin OS with built-in anti-hacking. All programs downloaded on the Internet are carefully checked for malicious codes before their first launch – if there is a danger, the installation will be canceled and the service will be blocked. There is also an App Store with apps tested by Apple that guarantees their complete security.

The latest Mac models have Apple T2 Security Chip chips that protect owners from any information leaks – these microcircuits are responsible for the operation of the fingerprint scanner, the safe loading and storage of encrypted data. Current Apple computers and laptops also have the FileVault feature – full disk data encryption. With it, the device owner can easily prevent unauthorized access to data on the boot disk.

Users have the ability to independently configure application access to the computer’s data and camera / microphone. Hooking a virus through a browser is also almost impossible: Safari includes automatic protection against malicious sites. If the owner loses his laptop (or is stolen), he can not worry about data leakage – all Apple devices support activation lock and data removal at a distance.

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Easier To Maintain

Doing business on Windows initially implies that the entrepreneur will have to “get confused” with setting up the system. At a minimum, he is obliged to attend to the purchase of a licensed OS for all the company’s computers, as well as the installation of antivirus software. This is not only time, but also quite a lot of money.

The Apple ecosystem is much more convenient in the sense that to work with it, just buy a device and run it. The official operating system will already be there, and additional antiviruses simply will not be needed. Therefore, you can start working almost immediately.

It is convenient that all the devices of the “apple” company – computers, laptops, phones and tablets – are in the same ecosystem. This makes it possible to work with corporate documents on different devices. For example, you can start typing on a working “poppy”, and then, if necessary, continue on the iPhone on the way home.

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Not More Expensive Than “Windows”

There is an old legend that Apple’s equipment is several times more expensive than other computers. If we talk about hardware, then really – computers and laptops from Cupertino are sold at a higher price than devices from other manufacturers on Windows with similar characteristics. But here you need to understand that the cost of iMac and MacBook Pro already includes potential expenses for the official version of the OS and its updates, virus protection and some of the programs necessary for the work. The same analogue of the Microsoft Office suite (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) is preinstalled on Apple devices or is available in the App Store for free.

Another important aspect is that the “apple” technology is much higher so-called residual value. In simple terms, computers and laptops with macOS on board, even after a few years, can be sold at a good price. At the same time, devices on Windows are greatly depreciated immediately after purchase, and over the years they lose about 85 percent of the initial cost.

The conclusion is simple – when buying Apple equipment, entrepreneurs pay a little more, but immediately get rid of the “headache” with additional maintenance and have the opportunity to profitably resell devices in the future. By the way, buying laptops and computers is not necessary: ​​they can be rented for a period of one to three years. For example, Softline allows you to assemble the necessary set of devices up to iPad and Apple TV. Specialists will select the optimal set of devices for your business and provide service support at any time.

Solutions For All Business Cases

Apple products are equally well suited for a wide variety of business sectors. We will briefly talk about the main areas where Cupertino solutions can prove themselves in the best way.

Retail. Here, the company’s most effective mobile devices are iPhone and iPad. For example, you can configure a sales and resale scenario for them, so that consultants help clients place an order on the spot using a mobile cash desk. In addition, smartphones and tablets are suitable for inventory and revaluation: for these purposes, there are specialized covers and mobile printers (software and hardware solution DataPhone).

Media. In this area, it is difficult to overestimate the value of Apple gadgets, because the products of Cupertinians are widely used on TV, in advertising and marketing agencies, and especially among designers. TV people can use Mac Pros and even MacBook Pro laptops to edit and render video in Final Cut or Adobe Premiere. There is also special WorkflowSoft software for agencies – a cloud service that allows you to quickly coordinate new tasks and monitor their execution (works on macOS and iOS). Well, for designers there is a whole field for experimentation: for example, the Adobe Creative Cloud application suite works fine even on the iPad.

Logistics. Apple hardware and software enable at least a few scenarios to work in the industry. In particular, to organize the work of the warehouse by integrating all the processes into a single supply chain management system. Also, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to facilitate the work of organizing inventory control: for this, you can use special accessories like a case with a RFID tag reader and a mobile printer. Using specialized software for the iPhone, you can configure the tracking of drivers, and also notify them in advance about possible problems on the route.

Education. Using Apple gadgets for learning also has a positive effect on student experience. Digitalization of the educational process increases involvement in the process – for clarity, teachers can use augmented reality technologies so that children see the subject of discussion almost live. In addition, control and activity monitoring systems can be installed on devices to control student attention.

Services Sector. In this context, there are many examples of how Apple gadgets help businesses. According to experts from Softline, after the introduction of the “apple” ecosystem, they see a 14 percent increase in the number of regular consumers of their services (average value). Naturally, the technique from Cupertino is great for developers of mobile applications and games.

Insurance. The integration of the Apple ecosystem in the work of insurance agents can significantly increase the effectiveness of staff. Using an iPad with preinstalled software, employees can quickly record insured events, and managers can monitor employee activity on the move. Even tablets on iPadOS are suitable for presenting company services to customers, online calculations and filling out questionnaires.

The Main Programs for Business and Their Alternatives

To “move” from Windows to MacOS, you will have to preoccupy at least a few basic programs for work. Here is a list of what the entrepreneur will need to get in the first place.

G Suite. This is a set of the most necessary tools for work. It includes applications for communication with the team (mail, calendar, chat, video), services for co-editing documents (texts, tables, presentations), cloud storage and software for administering and auditing user actions. In general, extremely useful services when conducting a joint project, which function perfectly on all Apple devices.

Microsoft 365. In fact, this is a similar package of services that is quite suitable for those who have long worked on Windows. All programs have almost the same interface as on Windows, so using this kit can make moving to macOS a little easier. The package includes the legendary Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as the program for advanced work with documents Publisher and database management system Access. Another set includes the Teams corporate platform, OneDrive cloud storage, and platforms for exchanging information within Exchange and SharePoint.

Adobe Creative Cloud. Essential services that must be installed on the computers of almost any enterprise. Among them there are programs for working with photographs and images (Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, InDesign), for video and audio editing (Premiere, After Effects, Audition), website creation and layout (Animate, Dreamweaver). However, the main application for any company is Acrobat Reader. It allows you to work with files in PDF format, and on any device, including Mac, iPad or iPhone. It’s not even necessary to download the service, because it can also be used through the web version in the browser.

How to Transfer All Information From Windows to Mac OS?

In addition to programs and services, important data may remain on the computer before moving: images, documents, contacts, calendars, email accounts, etc. Of course, you can spend a lot of time and transfer them manually, but it’s more convenient to use the Windows Migration Assistant.

The algorithm of actions is quite simple, but you will have to prepare a little for the transfer of information from Windows to Mac OS. First you need to install the latest version of Windows on your old computer (or make sure that the current OS is already there). Then you need to connect your Mac and PC to the same Wi-Fi network or connect them directly with an Ethernet cable. If OneDrive is installed on Windows, you will need to disable it. Before starting, it is advisable to check the PC hard drive for possible errors.

Now you are ready to transfer data. To do this, you need to download the “Windows Migration Assistant” – they are different for different versions of macOS. Here is the program for Mojave, here for Sierra and High Sierra, and here for Catalina. After downloading, close all open programs on Windows, open the assistant and follow the instructions in the window that opens.

A detailed description of the entire procedure is on the official Apple website . It also indicates the actions in case of all possible problems during the transfer.

Apple technology is really great for a variety of business sectors – from retail to education and services. As a result, the Cupertino ecosystem will cost almost cheaper than working on Windows: an entrepreneur will not have to invest additional funds in the purchase of an official OS and protection against viruses. “Apple” products are reliably protected from malware and crackers, so you can not be afraid for data safety. Even if the owner loses his gadget, he will be able to remotely lock it and erase all data from the hard drive – confidential information will not fall into the hands of attackers. Well, “moving” from the old OS to the new is very simple – it takes very little time as compared to Windows to Mac OS.

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