What is the Best Diving Camera of The Year?

Best Diving Camera

Today’s topic is best diving camera of the year. To capture a moment, the best way to capture it is to take a picture or film it and then watch it later on a frame or screen. However, the problem arises when it comes to immortalizing a moment in the rain or in the water during swimming or diving. If this is the case, the use of a waterproof camera will be most suitable.

As you probably know, unlike older models, newer cameras record photos taken in electronic forms. On this point, you are certainly not unaware that the worst enemy of Electronics is water. It is for this reason that the designers decided to design waterproof cameras. Therefore, even if they are used for long periods in the water, there is no risk that the latter will seep into the system.

However, buying a camera is always difficult, especially if you are faced with large comparisons. This is always the case when faced with a comparative showing several models of electronic device. However, when choosing a camera whether it is waterproof or not, the first criterion to consider is the resolution of its sensor. The higher this resolution, the higher the image quality. Indeed, even if the differences are not seen on small screens, two photos taken in the same position under the same circumstances do not have the same quality for two devices of different resolution.

However, it must also be recognized that one cannot always take a picture of a lens in the ideal distance. Therefore, one must be content with the nearest distance without risking too far. For this, the use of the Zoom function will be necessary. Indeed, the Zoom range of a camera is also a key criterion when choosing.

This is precisely a camera model that in addition to offering a high-quality sensor, offers a long-range Zoom.

Easypix W1400 – The Best Diving Camera of The Year

Easypix Splash W1400
Easypix W1400

The Easypix W1400 camera model is effectively a model that offers good images either in the water or out of the water. Only drawback – this device consumes a significant amount of energy that should always be provided with replacement batteries since they discharge fairly quickly.

Main Features of Easypix W1400

Easypix Main Features

Good Design

When talking about a waterproof product, everyone thinks about a device with a fairly restrained design. Yet this one is quite the opposite. The designers of this brand worked hard to make this model please the public. Indeed, it attracts good looks and can well serve as a trendy accessory for its happy owner.

This camera model has two screens in the front and back, which makes it even more attractive. The keys are arranged on the right side of the main screen, that is, the largest. However, some buttons are also strategically placed above the device. This provides easy access to controls and capture buttons.

Image Quality

The Easypix W1400 camera can produce high-quality images thanks to its sensor. This model has a sensor with a resolution of 14 megapixels. For a video, this resolution can offer VGA quality, that is, a video with a resolution of 640 x 480. To save storage space, it can shoot sequences in QVGA, with a resolution of 320 x 240.

For photos, however, the minimum resolution is that of the VGA of 640 x 480. Superior quality and resolution of 3MP or 2048 x 1536. Subsequently, there is that of 5MP, or 2592 x 1944. This is followed by the resolution of 8MP or 3264 x 2448. The most important quality is 14MP, equivalent to 4320 x 3240. However, it is possible to have an image by interpolation of 5184 x 3888, or a resolution of 20MP.

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Practicality of Use

As you already understood, this product is equipped with 2 LCD screens. The main screen has the size of 6.8 cm and the back one of 4.5 cm. Indeed, instead of being equipped with two sensors, this device offers its second to be able to make selfies efficiently. It is also better since it is possible to make high quality selfies.

This product has a 4x digital Zoom capability in addition to the 1 x offered by optical Zoom. The whole can capture photos even at a relatively long distance. To store images, the device has an SD card reader that can fit cards up to 32GB.

Where to Buy?

You can buy this best diving camera from your local stores or order it on Amazon or any other online marketplace.

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