The World’s Most Expensive Cameras of The Year

Most Expensive Cameras

This article will compare the incomparable and choose the best camera from those our editorial team has recently tested. For this reason, some new cameras, such as the Nikon D6, will unfortunately not be included in the selection. But you must admit: it would not be entirely correct to write about what you did not hold in your hands. Also, there may be the other most expensive cameras of the year.

I deliberately do not limit the price range of the sample, so be prepared for the fact that the price of some models may be shocking. However, in most cases, I am talking about professional tools that cannot be cheap. No one is surprised, for example, by the high cost of excavators against comfortable cars?

Well then, let’s go.

Selected Most Expensive Cameras

  1. Canon EOS-1D X Mark III
  2. Sony A9 II
  3. Sony A7R IV
  5. Nikon Z 7
  6. Panasonic Lumix S1H

1. Canon EOS-1D X Mark III

This camera was made for the Tokyo Olympics, which will not take place in 2020. But there is a camera, and it is an achievement of Japanese engineers. The new “1D” can be safely called the best DSLR to date. We were able to make sure of this when shooting with one of the pre-production samples. A fundamentally new AF sensor provides speedy and tenacious autofocus when working with the viewfinder.

Canon EOS-1D X Mark III
Most Expensive Cameras of The Year

For the first time in the history of DSLRs, it is made in a solid crystal, like an image sensor. This sensor provides sensitivity from -4 to +21 EV, works with 191 points (151 cross-type). Its resolution is 28 times higher than any of Canon’s classic phase-detection AF sensors. But even on the matrix in Live View mode, the camera focuses just fine.

The second first-ever feature of the EOS-1D X Mark III is the “infinite” buffer in RAW. No, of course, the length of the series is limited by the size of the flash drive and the battery’s capacity. And yet, thanks to fast CFexpress cards, the camera can shoot virtually continuous bursts at up to 20fps (up to 16 through the viewfinder) and AF tracking. We tried not to release the shutter button for quite some time: the camera was shooting, shooting, and shooting.

Finally, this DSLR was the first to record 12-bit RAW video to a memory card at 5472×2886 resolution at up to 60fps. Such characteristics are considered a rarity in professional video production and have never been encountered in the photo world before. The bitrate is gigantic: up to 2600 Mbps. If you don’t want to bother with RAW, you can shoot regular 4K videos up to 60 fps.

This professional reportage camera has many more exciting features, some of which we revealed in our preliminary test. Canon EOS-1D X Mark III price at the time of this writing is 6,499 dollars (see it on Amazon) without a lens.

2. Sony A9 II

Sony A9 II is an improved and modified version of the high-speed “A9” from Sony. It is noteworthy that the camera is not positioned as the top of the best in cameras. It is just high-speed – continuous shooting up to 20fps with an electronic shutter and up to 10fps with a mechanical shutter. Also, naturally with autofocus. And it is here, wow!

Sony A9 II
Most Expensive Cameras of The Year

Autofocus is the pride of the Nine. Before us is a mirrorless camera, so focusing is carried out by sensors located directly on the matrix. The principle of operation is hybrid; that is, accuracy is also achieved by evaluating the image’s contrast.

Artificial intelligence algorithms are used to track objects. The camera can recognize people’s faces, eyes, animal faces. Capturing an emotional moment is not a problem: press the button, and the camera will figure it out.

An essential advantage of this model is also a powerful stabilization system based on matrix shift. It helps to increase the shutter speed when shooting statics handheld and lower the ISO. However, the matrix is ​​low-noise, the sensitivity can be pretty high.

This model has many advantages. Here and silent shooting and compatibility with very high-quality professional lenses G Master. Yes, today, this camera is no longer at the very top of the Olympus of characteristics. Still, its price is also different from the previous hero of our collection (price $4,499 at the time of this writing).

3. Sony A7R IV

The Sony Alpha 7R IV is the sister of the A9 mentioned above. They have many standard hereditary features: intelligent autofocus, built-in stabilizer, excellent system lenses, but the super talent of the R-series seven is different – resolution. It is the most multi-megapixel full-frame camera capable of shooting at 60 megapixels at the time of this writing.

Sony A7R IV
Most Expensive Cameras of The Year

Previously, only slow, medium format cameras could provide such detail, and there was no need to talk about fast autofocus or continuous shooting. Sony Alpha 7R IV captures 60-megapixel images in any genre unless it’s worth raising the ISO. The matrix quickly starts to make noise and lose its advantages.

The Sony A7R IV can be an excellent tool for landscape, advertising, and studio photographers, while not limiting his specialization and participating in any other shooting. By the way, 4K video with a frequency of up to 30 frames/s is also within its power.

For the opportunity to shoot 60-megapixel footage, you will have to pay about $2,998 (see it on Amazon). And don’t forget about the optics: you can’t use a cheap 60-megapixel lens.


If you think 60 megapixels in a full frame is too much, then here’s a mid-format solution for a similar price. Yes, a medium format sensor 44×33 mm for the cost of a full-frame.

Most Expensive Cameras of The Year

There will no longer be as fast autofocus and continuous shooting. The FUJIFILM GFX 50R retains many of the classic mid-format features. It makes you think more about the frame and not “pour” bursts to the right and left.

It is included with lenses; the camera is larger and heavier than full-frame mirrorless cameras. But both the pixel size and the matrix area are more extensive. And this is the image quality – fifty honest medium format megapixels.

At the same time, compared to many other medium format solutions, the FUJIFILM GFX 50R seems to be a light feather and a compact gadget.

The strength of the FUJIFILM GFX 50R lies in the balance of price, size, weight, and performance. For each of these parameters separately, it can lose to competitors.

Still, if you need a mobile medium format for reasonable money ($4,499 on Amazon at the time of this writing), then there are no alternatives to this camera.

5. Nikon Z 7

The Nikon Z 7 delivers only 45 megapixels and has a full-frame sensor. This resolution is sufficient to print a full-wall image. So if you do not have excessive ambitions and are not chasing a record resolution, it is worth looking at this model of the legendary Japanese manufacturer.

Nikon Z 7
Most Expensive Cameras of The Year

Everything a modern camera need is in the Z 7:

  • eye and face autofocus,
  • high-speed shooting,
  • 4K video,
  • sensor-shift stabilizer.

The Z line is very sophisticated and has some fantastic lenses. And the camera stands against the background of competitors of relatively sane money: a little more than $3,096 on Amazon at the time of writing the review.

6. Panasonic Lumix S1H

The Panasonic Lumix S1H is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It looks like a camera, but in fact, it is a video camera. You can shoot in 5.9K from the entire width of the full-frame sensor or 4K at 60 fps. A matrix cooling system made it possible to remove the limitation on the video recording time.

Panasonic Lumix S1H
Most Expensive Cameras of The Year

There are no RAW recordings even on an external recorder at the time of this writing, but the manufacturer is working with Atomos. The ability to record RAW with HDMI is expected in future firmware.

The Lumix S1H received an L mount and compatible lenses from cameras, closest relatives, a stabilizer based on a sensor-shift. Camcorders, which are traditionally strong Panasonic, got many interface solutions like an oscilloscope and a vector scope, useful image processing functions: Dual Native ISO or work with gamma-curve profiles.

At the time of this writing, Lumix S1H can be purchased for $3,697 on Amazon, which is significantly less than the price of “real” video cameras with similar characteristics.

These are the most expensive cameras for this year now; I will add more to this list after reviewing some recently launched models. Do you know any other suitable model for this most expensive cameras list; please comment below, and I’ll try to review and add it here.

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