Samsung Galaxy S21 – Specification, Review & Analytics (2021)

Samsung Galaxy S21

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is one of the most anticipated smartphones, with rumors leaking online regularly. This model belongs to one of the most famous lines globally – the Samsung Galaxy S, so it is not surprising that advanced users and experts are making assumptions and looking forward to new information about the gadget and its release date.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Release Date

Samsung has already unveiled all of its 2020 flagships to the market. New smartphones have become available to consumers – Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note20, Galaxy Z Fold2, etc. Having got what they wanted, Samsung fans, experts, and just lovers of new gadgets quickly turned their attention to the models planned for 2021.

Galaxy S21 is one of the most anticipated and exciting new products from Samsung and the entire gadget market. Predicting the release of new models carried out in previous years is now becoming a thankless task. It is impossible to establish the exact date of release of new items on the market. Everyone is making adjustments for the coronavirus, which in 2020 caused significant adjustments to the plans of all manufacturers.

In the usual “pre-crisis” mode, the new Galaxy would be released in February or March during the first quarter of 2021. Now the release date is likely to be pushed back to a later time.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Specifications

Until the official presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone took place, it is premature to talk about its characteristics. Most of the information on the Galaxy S21 remains classified. However, insiders regularly give out exciting news about the future novelty, based on which one can form an impression about the equipment and capabilities of the future smartphone.

Comparing the characteristics of the expected flagship with the already released smartphone, you can see that the new product will receive a much larger battery, which will make the gadget even more autonomous, and the user independent from the power source.

It became known that the new product will receive almost the same design as its predecessor, Galaxy S20. If there are any changes in the structure, they will be minor. According to insider information, the new Samsung will become just an improved copy of the Korean flagship, already available to consumers. It will retain the design and layout of the previous model.

To date, the characteristics of the future Galaxy are not known for sure, but also its name. According to one version, the new product will be called Galaxy S21, according to the other – Galaxy S30. Experts consider the first option more likely. And not only because after 20 comes 21, but also because 2021 is on the threshold.

Display and Sound

The Galaxy S21 will feature an AMOLED screen with superior performance. Its frequency is 144 GHz. According to insiders from Chinese sources, the Galaxy S21 will receive a 6.9-inch display. That’s 0.7 inches more than the base S20 model.

Samsung Galaxy S21 First Look
Samsung Galaxy S21 First Look

It is hoped that the manufacturer will return the 3.5mm headphone jack. But today, all well-known brands are abandoning mini-jacks, opting for wireless headphones.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Hardware and Performance

According to insider information, the flagship of the South Korean company will be equipped with an 8-core processor, mighty and advanced. It is assumed to be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 chipset, whose cores operate at 3.2 GHz or even more.

Samsung representatives keep the intrigue and do not divulge information about the upcoming new product ahead of time. However, data leaks out regularly. Insiders claim that the Galaxy S21 will have Android 11 OS and One UI 3.0 proprietary firmware. It means that the model will receive good software.

Processor of Samsung Galaxy S21
The processor of the Samsung Galaxy S21

There is also information that Samsung will stop installing Qualcomm chipsets in flagships in the future, which will be too expensive. To reduce the cost of new powerful smartphones, the company will prefer proprietary Exynos 1000 chips, which are supposed to be produced using a 5-nm technological process.


It became known that the developers in the new Galaxy will pay a lot of attention to cameras. Shooting quality is one of the most important criteria by which today’s advanced consumers evaluate smartphones. Presumably, the novelty will be equipped with a powerful rear camera with a resolution of 108 megapixels or 150 megapixels. In any case, it will be of very high quality and with great potential.

Camera of Samsung Galaxy S21
The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S21

Naturally, one lens is not enough. In addition to the main one, there will be three more sensors in the rear camera. Firstly, a 64MP telephoto lens, a 16MP wide-angle camera, and finally, a 12MP sensor, a macro lens.

There is information that the TOF sensor, which was installed in the Galaxy S20, will not be used in the next model. This device is designed to track the distance between two objects based on a constant speed of light. TOF is used to shoot portraits, games, augmented reality, sculpt in a 3D camera, etc. But, according to inside information, the Galaxy S21 will be equipped with an advanced depth sensor.

Camera of Samsung Galaxy S21
The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S21

It’s no secret that Samsung is going to be testing two different approaches to image stabilization. The new flagship may support not only 8K video shooting but also an image stabilization function.

There is some information about the selfie camera. A Chinese insider said that the Korean manufacturer would equip the Galaxy S21 with a sub-screen (invisible) camera, the next step towards a genuinely bezel-less full-screen smartphone. The company’s engineers are trying to figure out how feasible this idea is.

Information about the characteristics of the sub-screen module has recently become known. According to the Korean resource Сlien, work is currently underway on two prototypes of the future flagship. The first has a front camera with a 1/2-inch sensor. Its resolution is supposedly 48 megapixels. In the second version, a 12 Megapixel sensor is installed in size 1/2.55 inches with OIS (support for optical stabilization).

Which sensor for a selfie camera the manufacturer will prefer is anyone’s guess. But whichever option the developers choose and will be more advanced than the Galaxy S20. The latter has a 10MP sensor (Sony IMX375) by 1/3.2-inch and is equipped with Dual-Pixel technology.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Autonomy

The Galaxy S21 smartphone will have a battery with a capacity of at least 5000 mAh. It will be non-removable, as it befits modern flagships, and will be able to hold a charge for several days. The model will be equipped with a fast-charging mode. The smartphone will be provided with a 65-watt charger, and the battery can be charged in half an hour almost wholly.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Autonomy
Samsung Galaxy S21 Autonomy

The Price Prediction

Samsung Galaxy S20 can be bought today for $549 on Amazon. There is no information yet on how much the Galaxy S21 will cost. It is not known how the adverse conditions associated with the pandemic will affect the manufacturing process. Due to the complication of delivery of specific components, the prime cost of smartphones may increase, which will negatively affect the price. The predicted launch price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 is $649. See the latest price on Amazon.

The Galaxy S21 smartphone, which will be released in 2021, will have excellent software and powerful technical equipment. However, these are most likely differences from its predecessor, Galaxy S20, and will be limited. Exceptional innovations are not expected in the new product; therefore, it may disappoint overly optimistic users.

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