What is the Best Monopod for Canon Camera of 2021?

For any self-respecting photographer, what a pleasure to have at his disposal a quality camera such as a Canon. But admit that by spending too much time photographing, your arms become heavy and tired. Hence the need to have a camera monopod.

Yes, we speak well of monopod. For most people do not know the real missions of such a tool that they always confuse it with a tripod. So yes, we are tempted to ask why buy a monopod when we can well settle for a stable tripod?

Actually, first it’s for your arms. Believe it or not, bearing the weight of a Canon camera for hours is not obvious. The monopod saves you from this tedious task. It does not force you to immobilize your device like a tripod would. Nevertheless, you will not quickly get tired.

Then know that a monopod will greatly facilitate your life in the event that you decide to photograph views in places that are a little risky. For example, if you need one of your arms to support yourself, with one arm, you can easily reach the area to be photographed.

When you are going to buy a monopod for your device, first think about the budget you plan to allocate for this purchase. Indeed, the prices of different monopods for Canon camera on the market differ from each other depending on the functionality of these.

Once your budget is set, consider your needs. There are, for example, monopod models that are equipped with poles, ideal if you are used to taking pictures in the middle of the crowd.

Also be sure to choose the models that guarantee you stability and leave your camera free thanks to a good ball head.

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Altura Photo 62-Inch Monopod for Canon

Best Monopod for Canon Camera

Main Advantage

The main quality that this monopod has is its stability. Thanks to this, you can put it everywhere to take beautiful pictures.

Main Drawback

Unfortunately, some users were disappointed by the kneecap whose function did not suit them at all.

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Main Features Explained

Monopod for Canon

Its Solidity

Basically, what we all look for in a monopod is that it is strong and strong and that it can be used for a long time. And this is exactly what this model of Altura offers you. In fact, it is a monopod intended for a Canon camera, a professional equipment that is compatible for both camcorders and cameras. This monopod features a handle made of foam.

It has been designed with very high-quality materials, which explains its robustness. Wherever you want to take your Canon camera, this monopod will give you a lot of stability. Its feet are made of rubber and are equipped with metal tips, specifically designed for the monopod to adapt to rough terrain as well as smooth floors. The tube is made of aluminum, which makes this equipment even more solid.

Its Ease of Handling

If you are a professional photographer who often works for hours, this monopod is really what you need. Very easy to handle, it has already seduced a large number of people. Already it weighs only 352 g, which allows you to move or transport it just as easily. Its length is 171 cm, it is not at all cumbersome, with a few turns of hands, you will be able to handle it easily.

Everything is adjustable with this monopod. It has legs in four sections that you can adjust as you like according to the height you want to have for your camera. Also know that his feet can be locked automatically. So that these can be blocked, the monopod is equipped with levers that you can handle very easily.

Its Protective Bag

If you want your monopod to last a long time, you need to maintain it well and especially carry it with a protective bag. Only, these are not all models that are delivered with a protective bag when buying. This is the advantage of this monopod for Canon camera from the brand Altura. It has a very design carrying bag with which you can carry it anywhere you want.

This is a tote bag that makes your use very convenient. You can even put other equipment other than your monopod. The bag is not heavy. On the contrary, it helps you to take your monopod to different places. If you need to take the train for example or ride a motorcycle, no worries, the protective bag guarantees total safety for your equipment.

Altura Photo 62-Inch Monopod for Canon Camera
Altura Photo 62-Inch Monopod for Canon

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