What Is the Best SLR Camera Monopod of 2021?

If you want to invest in a camera monopod to be able to make beautiful shots, you should at least inquire about the characteristics to be taken into account when choosing the best SLR camera monopod. These characteristics include the height, material of product and the maximum load bearing capacity of the monopod.

Good SLR camera monopods need to be strong and stable enough to support the weight of your various photographic equipment. It is best to choose the monopod that can accommodate your equipment while remaining stable and solid. To do this, it is necessary to check the robustness of the ball joint of your monopod. Having a good monopod makes it easy and convenient to take your landscape photos, your sports photographs as well as your street photographs.

Camera monopods come with different sizes. Comparison sites can inform you about this feature. So it makes sense to look at the maximum height and minimum height of the monopod you want to acquire. The minimum height is defined according to your storage needs while the maximum height is based on the use you want to make of your monopod. It is also necessary to take into account the ease of adjusting the height.

Finally, to choose the right SLR Camera Monopod, you must take care of the material of its manufacture. Two types of material dominate the market: Carbon Fiber and Aluminum. If you prefer lightness, opt for an aluminum monopod, if it is durability that interests you, opt for a carbon fiber model.

To these three criteria of choice, you can add the ease of adjustment of the strap, the non-slip skid, so that the monopod does not slip on a slippery surface and finally the clamping tool so that your equipment holds well.

Our Selection of Best SLR Camera Monopod: ZOMEi Z666

ZOMEi Z666 SLR Camera Monopod

Main Features & Advantage

Suitable for professional use, the ZO6MEi Z666 camera tripod is both a tripod and a monopod. It is lightweight, easy to carry because very compact and it is very stable even when supporting heavy equipment.


Made of plastic material, the ZO6MEi Z666 tripod is quite fragile. The operating instructions for the device are not available in English.


With a maximum height of up to 163 cm, the ZO6MEi Z666 camera tripod is ideal for various photographic uses. Moreover, this tripod can also be converted into monopod as needed. If you want to do panoramic photography and macro shooting, this tripod is equipped with a panoramic head with a horizontal rotation up to 360°.

With this model, you still have the opportunity to attach additional weight to the hook on the tripod. The ZO6MEi Z666 tripod has an ultra-compact size, making it easy to carry when traveling. Indeed, it measures only 47 cm when it is folded and comes with a carrying case. If you are looking for a multi-functional tripod for taking outdoor photographs, this model may suit you.

Ease of Handling

With a strong and sturdy ball head, the ZO6MEi Z666 tripod model can support SLRs, camcorders and other digital cameras. The ball head is also equipped with a clip guaranteeing the safety of your devices in the event of a fall. Its ease of Use and handling play to the advantage of this tripod.

The locking system of the leg sections is easy to handle: simply turn it clockwise to lock it, and turn it counter clockwise to loosen. This ease of locking and unlocking the feet saves you a lot of time. One of the legs of the tripod can also serve as a monopod. Accessing this feature is very easy. With its easy handling, this model is suitable for professional use.

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Design and Material of Manufacture

Designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, the ZO6MEi Z666 tripod features a shell made of magnesium alloy. Which gives it a beautiful appearance and quality texture. On the other hand, the magnesium alloy brings sturdiness and solidity to this tripod. It is thus robust enough to withstand a load of up to 6.8 kg, without losing its stability.

Ideal for taking travel photographs, the compact design of this tripod makes it space-saving and easy to store and carry when folded. With its weight of about 1.76 Kg, you can take this tripod anywhere to take your outdoor photographs, your macros as well as your street photographs. If endurance and durability are among the characteristics you are looking for in a tripod, opt for this model.

ZOMEi Z666 SLR Camera Monopod
ZOMEi Z666 SLR Camera Monopod

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