Fashion Photography: A to Z About Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography

Photography has been evolving for a few decades. As time passed by many niches of photography were introduced into the industry. Fashion Photography is one of the niches that have been followed up for a few decades.

This genre of photography is mostly explored by fashion brands, magazines, books, and many others. So, today we’ll be focusing on discussion with Fashion Photography and walk you through the different kinds, courses, salaries, and equipment, and will also answer the most asked question based on Fashion Photography. That’s a lot for today’s introduction let’s begin with a deep knowledge area.

Fashion photography is a complex and super interesting niche for professional photographers. As you already know, being a professional photographer gives you the opportunity to work in many different areas. Among these niches, perhaps one of the best known is fashion photography.

Fashion Photography

Definition: What is Fashion Photography?

The photography in which photos consist of the models showcasing the products of the brand is known as Fashion Photography. Big brands use these photos to keep people engaged with their products. Not only brands do follow this niche of photography but magazines also.

Fashion magazines introduce new fashion trends to people who are fashion enthusiasts. Fashion Photography is further divided into many kinds. Below is a listing and detailed review of those different kinds.

Fashion Photography

This type of photo can be used for advertisements, catalogs or even to convey a stylist’s aesthetics. Therefore, it is essential that the photographer understands the concept of the collection, its target audience, and the trim and movement of the photographed pieces.

In fashion photography, the story told by the image must be clear. In addition, images from the same collection must be cohesive and consistent.

Fashion Photography

History of Fashion Photography

As expected, the history of fashion photography is closely linked to fashion magazines. It all started in the mid- 1880s when they started using photographs instead of traditional illustrations.

Baron Adolf Mayer is often considered one of the forerunners, having photographed for Vogue in the early twentieth century.

Fashion Photography by Baron Adolph De Meyer
Fashion Photography by Baron Adolph De Meyer

In 1932, the first color fashion photograph was published, also in Vogue. Photographer Edward Steichen’s work portrayed a girl in a bathing suit, holding a beach ball.

Until the mid-1960s, however, fashion photography was quite different from what we know today.

Fashion Photography by David Bailey
Photograph Taken by David Bailey

It was only with the work of photographers Helmut Newton and David Bailey that we began to give as much focus to the models as to the registered clothes.

Types of Fashion Photography:

Fashion Photography has different kinds in which every type of fashion photography has its uniqueness. According to their uniqueness, these six different kinds are named. So, let’s discuss some most popular ones among people beginning from Storyline Photography to Pre-Looked Photography.

Types of Fashion Photography

1. Storyline Photography

The photos which depict a specific storyline or timeline are known as Storyline Photography. The photos captured speak about a story through the location, clothing style, hairstyle, and make-up. Everything in this photo should match the storyline.

Storyline Photography

The photographer needs to capture every single detail in the photos. Because these photos are later on seen by the people through advertisements. The photographer is required to have a camera that captures perfect fashion photos.

2. High Budget Fashion Photography

Fashion photos that require to have a big production house to be involved are known as High Budget Fashion Photography. It is one of the most popular in the whole fashion photography industry. High-profile models or actresses, professional photographers, professional make-up artists, as well as hairstylists get involved in these sessions.

High Budget Fashion Photography

Due to professionals and high-profile people involved, the brands get more engagement from the people. The photographer needs to have high-quality equipment from lenses to cameras for this photography.

The photographers required in these photo sessions need to have high all-around skills, as they are required to take the photos from the angles and the view that will enhance the fashion photo look. Also, the pay rate for these photographers is high.

High Budget Fashion Photography

3. Ramp Walk Photography

Almost everyone had watched the Ramp Walk fashion shows in their life. In Ramp, Walk Models move in and out wearing different clothing and accessories from the brands like side bags, etc. As the models doing ramp walking move in and out one after the other the photographer needs to capture those perfect photos fast.

Ramp Walk Photography

The cameras used also need to have a very quick processor. From this, we can conclude that Ramp Walk Photography needs to have a skilled and ready equipment photographer.

Ramp Walk Photography

4. Candid Photography

The photography in which models give a candid post and the best photos get captured is known as Candid Photography. Not only the models even the people who choose to do Candid Photography. It’s the most common style of photography among people.

Candid Photography

You’ll find many photos from Candid Photographs while browsing through the media. For Candid Photography mostly open areas where local public movements can be seen are picked. Sometimes people also prefer to have Candid pose photos over natural Candid photos.

Candid Photography

5. Branding Photography

The photography in which big brands and magazines spend money to outreach people is named Branding Photography. To engage with people, big brands use this photography. Whether it might be the arrival of a trendy fashion style from the brand or it can even be the arrival of magazines.

Branding Photography can be a unique technique to let people know about it. Photographers need to bring a high-quality camera because these images are used for printing. Photographers are also needed to show the detailing required in the photos captured.

6. Pre-Look Photography

Pre-Look Photography is used to give the pre-look of the product which helps people understand how the product is going to look and fit the body. This gives the idea to the potential buyers before buying the actual product.

It’s mostly used by commercial websites for displaying the imaginary view of the product. The impact of Pre-Look Photography has been seen in people. People are more likely to buy the product if a photo of the object is added.

Hence, these were the most famous types of fashion photography.

A Career in Fashion Photography

This niche of photography has unlocked many opportunities for potential photographers. Fashion Photography has turned into a good career option for many people. Here is a roadmap to becoming a fashion photographer.

First of all, it is very important to understand fashion and beauty trends, as well as some basic style rules. During the sessions, it is important to talk to makeup artists, hairdressers, and stylists. They will be able to give you a good idea about the thematic and dynamic expected of the photographs.

Potential in Fashion Photography

It has developed and transformed many opportunities to help people grow. People who have a great knowledge of gadgets, angles, and views are making enough money. The demand for specialized skilled people in the industry will keep on increasing in the future.

Fashion Photography Courses

You don’t require a professional certificate or degree to begin your career. But opting to join a course or a degree can be a great option. By joining photography courses, you’ll learn and develop your skills from experienced professors.

Many universities are offering these courses. The list of top universities includes London Metropolitan University, Falmouth University, and Birmingham City University.

Fashion Photographer Salary

The determining factors for a salary of a photographer include the experience of the photographer, skills, expertise, etc. The median salary of a photographer varies from $38,000 to $48,000 annually. That’s probably a good rate for that kind of people leaving in different regions.

People who have professional experience and also had developed many hard skills earn around $76,360 per annum.

Best Cameras and Lenses for Fashion Photography

Photographic Equipment and Accessories
Photographic Equipment and Accessories

People following fashion photography require high-quality gadget which mainly consists of cameras and lenses. You can follow this quick buying guide for the same.


1. Canon EOS 5D Mark III – Most Popular Camera

It’s the most popular camera for people taking fashion photos. It is a full-frame DSLR that has a CMOS sensor of 22.3 MP. It also gets the fast Digic 5+ processor and the autofocus of 61 points. After looking at the conclusion one can conclude the reason behind it getting popular.

2. Sony Alpha A9 – A camera with the best built-in processor and tracking sensor.

From the title, you might have gotten an idea of the camera. Sony Alpha gets the quickest tracking sensor. Besides having the best processor, it has a full frame 24.2 MP Stacked CMOS sensor. For capturing still photos, it has a 5-axis image stabilization system.

3. Pentax K-70 – Outdoor Photography Camera

Pentax K-70 is a medium-sized camera that is mostly used for outdoor fashion photography. Now let’s move on to lenses.

Lenses for Fashion Photography

1. Canon EF 85 mm f/1.2 II USM Lens – Advanced Edge Cutting Lens

This 85 mm lens from Canon is famous for its advanced design of the lens as well as cutting-edge optics. This lens has become a favorite choice for professional people.

2. Canon RF 70-200 mm f/2.8L IS USM Lens – Lens for Stabilization

It is meant for the photographer who wants to capture photos quickly, but also it should have accurate stabilization with high-quality photos.

3. Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 STM Lens – Supper Affordable Lens

It is one of the super affordable lenses in the market. It comes in with a feature that takes high-quality photos. It’s the most basic lens which usually every fashion photographer needs.

Fashion Photography FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to start a career as Fashion Photographer?

Many people dream of becoming professional Fashion photographers in today’s world. To make their dreams come true one should start learning with basic skills of photography.

You can learn about it by involving yourself in courses or even learning directly under the guidance of experienced photographers. After developing the required skills, look for local models for a photography session. This will help you grow your portfolio as well as your skills.

After 1-2 years of experience, you can now apply to collaborate with big teams, companies, etc. Working with them will get you a higher pay rate.

2. Is Fashion Photography a good career option?

It has been a good career option for many who wanted to take those perfect fashion photos in their life. People who enjoy working as a photographer and are expert at it ends up getting a good pay rate. It can become a lifetime opportunity for people who want to earn while working towards their passion.

3. What are the responsibilities of a Fashion Photographer?

A lot of responsibilities come when one works as a Photographer for big fashion companies. He has to stay engaged with the whole team, suggest the best poses, adjust the light, find the best angle, spotlight the product, and a lot more while working as a team member. One needs to take care of their technical gadgets as they are expensive. Following these responsibilities makes a fashion photographer more successful.

4. Is it hard to get into Fashion Photography?

For a beginner, it might be difficult as they come up with zero experience and skills. But, after working hard and developing remarkable skills one can achieve a good position in his/her life. It isn’t hard if one is willing to develop skills and grow every day. Photographers just need to pick up the right technical gadgets or gears to go for a perfect photography session. In the beginning, photographers will be getting small offers from small brands but if they practice hard then in the future, they might land some big deals from big brands.

5. What skills do you need to be a Fashion Photographer?

To be a Fashion Photographer one is required to have some specific skills. Those skills include collaboration with team members, knowledge of cameras for different kinds of photography, selecting between lenses, looking for the best location and angles, and even some more skills. We can’t count on the whole, but these are the most demanded as well needed skills. If one works on these skills then he can run for a professional position in the future.

6. What are the disadvantages of working as a Fashion Photographer?

Beginner photographer faces a bit more difficulty to get hired for their first projects. Also, they don’t have enough money to spend on the equipment. Working as a fashion photographer can also be frustrating sometimes because they have to deal with the complete team, take the same shots again and again till they capture the perfect image, and sometimes equipment also fails. These are the advantages a photographer faces while working as a photographer.

7. How did Fashion Photography start?

This niche of photography was introduced through magazines and books. Vogue and many such magazines brought Fashion Photography into the industry of photography. The revolution of this niche started in the 19th century and later on, many more kinds were discovered in Fashion Photography. As of today, it has become a common way for everyone from big fashion brands to magazines to stay engaged with the consumers.

8. Whom do Fashion Photographers work with?

Fashion photographers need to work with models, big or small fashion brands, magazines, books, etc. They work with the complete team on the set of photography, guide the make-up artist and hairstylist, guide Light man, guide models for poses, etc. These are some people with whom Fashion Photographer needs to work.

9. Who holds the title of best Fashion Photographer in the world?

Tim Walker holds the title of the best fashion photographer in the world. He has earned a 3-year photography degree from Exeter College of Arts. After completing his graduation, he moved to New York City and there worked as an assistant photographer after a couple of years, he returned to London. Throughout his life, he has proven himself to be a great photographer.

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