Winter Photoshoot Ideas: Amazing Winter Photoshoot Ideas to Try This Winter

In this article, I will tell you about the fantastic winter photoshoot ideas for my readers. Winter photoshoot almost does not require additional props – the entourage is created by nature. Pleasant memories, including new year’s holidays and winter-only entertainment, are guaranteed. At this time, any weather is suitable for shooting, that sunny, that cloudy day, that snowfall.

Table of Content

  1. Features of the winter photo shoot
  2. How to prepare for shooting?
  3. Posing for a family winter shoot
  4. Ideas for taking photos in winter

Features of The Winter Photo Shoot

Winter outdoor activities, fluffy snow, and natural locations that can be found in every city this is what winter is valuable for photographers and those who want to make a thematic photoshoot. You can have not only fun but also record beautiful moments for future generations.

Sledding, skiing, Christmas trees, leisurely walks, cozy rest over a Cup of hot tea-there are many ideas for a winter photoshoot.

The unique feature is that even if the sun is not shining and the weather is overcast, you will make an excellent atmospheric picture. For example, a dramatic photoshoot is suitable if the winter sky is not happy with the sun. Or you can choose to shoot actively while playing snowballs. In this case, it is better to plan the process on a Sunny winter day; it is perfect for a dynamic and bright photo shoot.

How to Prepare for Shooting?

The winter photoshoot will be successful if you prepare for it correctly. The first thing you need to do is decide exactly where it will be held (a forest in the snow, a lake covered with ice, a park). It is essential to choose a place where the atmosphere of this time is best felt.

How to Prepare for Winter Photoshoot?
Winter Photoshoot Ideas

Do not limit yourself to the winter forest or park; city streets look no worse. Especially during snowfall and in the evening, when the city is festively decorated.

The studio with the appropriate thematic design was also not canceled. The right light, great mood, and atmospheric photos will be ready.

The next stage is preparing winter clothing; sometimes, you may even need costumes. The image is essential. Bright colors look great on a white background of a snowy winter; they will not allow you to merge with the environment. The image needs to be thought through to the smallest detail; there are no minor points. Clothing, accessories, items, and props that will get into the frame-all this is important.

If you are going to shoot in nature, do not forget to dress warmly, and be sure to take a thermos of tea with you.


As a prop, you can take with you:

  • A Sled. They will be appropriate for both adult and children’s photo sessions. Go with them to nature.
  • Christmas toys, many people associate winter with them.
  • Figures and structures made of snow are an attractive attribute for shooting lovers.
  • Snowmen. Like a sled, it is a universal attribute of a family and friendly photo shoot in winter.
  • Warm clothing. Hats, mittens and fur coats can perfectly complement the image.

Posing for A Family Winter Shoot

Posing for A Family Winter Shoot
Winter Photoshoot Ideas

A photo session in winter is excellent for capturing the highlights of family life. It should be understood that shooting with children can take longer and more problematic, so you need to be patient. For a photoshoot, it is essential to come up with poses in advance, perhaps even with children to rehearse them. We suggest you get acquainted with the ideas that look best:

  • Game form. In games and entertainment, children will look natural, and the process will become attractive to them. You can show these family photos to the next generation.
  • Promenade. Parents with kids need to move to the photographer or leave him. This idea can be implemented during the day on a walk in the park or the city, in the light of evening lights.
  • Pack shot. A simple idea – all family members stand in an open space or their home background and hug. This frame, although it seems simple, it looks very soulful.
  • Family look. When all family members are dressed in the same style or color scheme, a unique atmosphere is created that the picture can convey.

By the way, earlier, we talked about the secrets of a successful family photoshoot in the studio.

Ideas for Taking Photos in Winter

Ideas for Taking Photos in Winter
Winter Photoshoot Ideas

A winter photoshoot in a snow-covered forest looks very good in the pictures. If you can’t go out of town, you can go to the nearest park.

For Couple and Lovers

Romance and tenderness of feelings are the central themes of such filming. Winter landscapes are the best suited for creating an original space for filming, built on contrasts and beautiful scene solutions.

Against their background, classic romantic attributes look like fabulous evening dresses, candles, flowers. Bold contrasts are created by red apples or Chinese lanterns hanging from the branches. You can use whatever your imagination tells you. For example, a paired umbrella of bright color will look unusual and symbolic against the background of a landscape.

If your companion does not risk freezing in a coat, you can safely wear your favorite fur coat; it will add a mood to the plot. One of the original moves in this kind of shooting is interior props. A pair of chairs and a tea table set against a background of snowdrifts open up many options for magical winter photoshoot ideas for a couple.

Glasses of champagne or cups of hot tea will add their note to the plot of the shooting. Do not ignore such seemingly simple things as colored candles in the shape of hearts or garlands of colored balls – by the way; they always look great in the frame. It is good if the balls are bright, saturated colors, for example, red or purple.

This option is incredibly romantic and straightforward because you do not need additional accessories, just two young people and a beautiful winter entourage. You can show your sincere feelings in the pictures. You can emphasize this with a well-chosen pose. Options that are worth a try:

Free shooting. At the same time, the couple is standing next to each other, looking at the photographer or each other. Photos can be taken in total growth or at close range.

Free Shooting
Winter Photoshoot Ideas

Romantic. A guy can hug a girl from behind as if he is trying to warm or protect her.

Winter Photoshoot Ideas

Hand in hand. It is a good solution for a walking photo shoot. You can shoot both from the front and the back.

Hand in Hand
Winter Photoshoot Ideas

Winter Photoshoot Ideas for Girls

Below are some winter photoshoot ideas for girls.

Portrait image. You should look at the camera or look over your shoulder.

Winter Photoshoot Ideas

In profile. It will work well if the model catches snowflakes when it snows. These photos look beautiful in the light of a lantern in the evening.

Winter Photoshoot Ideas

Jump. The knees should be bent at different angles; the position is profile or half-face.

Winter Photoshoot Ideas

Sitting. You can sit on the steps or bench. Take a Cup of hot tea in your hands.

Lover Sitting
Winter Photoshoot Ideas

Turn around and head back. A girl walks along a road or a frozen river, turns around, and looks at the camera.

Turn Around
Winter Photoshoot Ideas

Leaning on the car. If you have a car during a photoshoot, pose with the car is a great option.

Leaning on the Car
Winter Photoshoot Ideas

In the style of natural beauty. Here you need traditional shawls; you can take a samovar.

Natural Beauty
Winter Photoshoot Ideas

The image looks bold and original in light clothing. This kind of shooting needs to be carefully thought out to spend a minimum of time on the street.

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Winter Photo Shoot Ideas for Kids

Winter Photo Shoot Ideas for Kids
Winter Photo Shoot Ideas for Kids

Static winter photos with children are not the best solution because it will be challenging to seat enough adult children. There is a way to do what they want; the photographer will need to catch the right frame in time. A few good ideas:

  • Children look out from behind a tree or play hide-and-seek;
  • They lie on the snow with their arms outstretched;
  • Sitting on the doorstep, wrapped in a blanket.

Children, as you know, are the most difficult, but also the most exciting models. There is no need to hope that they will pose responsibly or withstand the shooting scenario, so it is useless to compose it in advance. It is better to develop a game or adventure that will captivate and capture the baby altogether. For example, dazzle and paint a snow figure or find a magical treasure with a gift in a snowdrift, arrange an impromptu picnic, feed squirrels or birds.

Winter Photo Shoot Ideas for Kids
Winter Photo Shoot Ideas for Kids

Pleasant surprises in the form of mini-fireworks or a garland of balloons are also perfect. It’s good if adults are also involved in the game – this way, you will get more interesting good shots.

A photoshoot in winter is an endless space for imagination. Try different images, and don’t forget about your mood. Be sure to bring warm drinks to keep warm.

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