Poses for Girls: Beautiful Poses for A Photoshoot of Girls

Poses for Girls

In this article, I am going to tell you about the poses for girls during a photoshoot. The camera does its job, preserving the picture in front of the lens, the light – highlighting the necessary areas of the frame for an artistic effect. The photographer sets the shooting parameters, clicks the shutter. And what does the model do at this time? If she just stood, then there would be no problem of staging a shot. And the work of a model would not have been appreciated so well. The role of the model is to work with her body, in a stance, in a pose, in facial expressions and hand position. Professionals on both sides of the lens know how to stand and turn to hide flaws and highlight flaws.


Correct Body Curves During A Photoshoot

There are poses for any type of shooting – standard options suitable for any type of figure: stand up or sit down, lean on a table or wall, add objects to the frame. The photograph should have an idea and a story that is reflected in the details, outfits and posture of the model.

It is quite simple to stand or sit correctly to get a beautiful figure and feminine curves in a photo. Rules 3, fulfilling them, in any position the camera will capture a photogenic picture.

Rule One

Beautiful Poses for Girls
Beautiful Poses for Girls

We stretch the neck, the body is stretched, the shoulders are lowered, and the body is automatically aligned. The lines become smooth, feminine, graceful. The main thing is not to overdo it, an unnatural neck that is too elongated will not add beauty.

Beautiful Poses for Girls
Beautiful Poses for Girls

Tighten your shoulder blades as much as possible, and the back will straighten, and the neck will lengthen, and the pose will look natural.

Second Rule

Beautiful Poses for Girls
Beautiful Poses for Girls

Deflection in the lower back will show the dignity of the figure. Usually, the “S” rule is mentioned, indicating the correct body position for a photo shoot. Standing photography requires beautiful lines and curves: bend your lower back as much as possible, straighten your shoulders and stretch your neck, and transfer your weight to one leg. A similar situation will be when shooting against a wall, if you lean against the whole body, you get a straight back without bends, and you will not be able to bring the shoulder blades together. Lean forward slightly, bending your lumbar spine, squat down slightly. In this form, the body is shaped like the English letter S, which looks beautiful and feminine in the photo.

Rule Three

Beautiful Poses for Girls
Beautiful Poses for Girls

Do not relax, especially when filming in seated positions. Bend your lower back as much as possible, lean forward, keeping your neck extended and your shoulder blades drawn together. This will make it possible to draw in the tummy, emphasize the line of the chest and back, and beautifully show the legs. Try to keep your shoulders below the level of the chin, as far back as possible. A simple rule will allow you to enlarge the chest, and emphasize the line of the neck, and make the back softer, more beautiful, tighten the tummy, and make the as S round.

Seated Poses for Girls

The main task in sitting shooting is to show the femininity and grace of the model, hiding the flaws. For example – extra centimeters in the waist area or insufficiently long legs.

You can sit on the floor or on a horizontal surface, the body is on one line, you can lean on the wall or interior items. The neck should be stretched, the shoulders should be straightened, and the back should be bent at the lower back, so that the body looks feminine and proportional. Do not strain your muscles too much and make the pose unnatural, try not to show effort, your face should look relaxed. Try to bend one leg and put it in front of you, or stretch out, sit on your knees. The main thing is to make sure that no folds are visible and that the tummy does not “fall out”, and the hips do not seem to be flattened.

If you use a high chair, sofa or any surface that allows you to lower your legs to the floor, then it becomes possible to show their beauty and visually lengthen. For this, the photographer must be 30-40 cm below the level of the model’s face. And the legs need to be extended, but they should not overlap each other and look natural.

In the case of shooting while sitting, it is permissible to round your back, lean on your knees or hug them with your hands to achieve the effect of fragility and defenselessness. But the neck must still be held in tension, as well as the abdominal muscles.

Standing Poses for Girls

The most popular type of shooting with many variations of posing and staging the frame has unlimited scope for imagination. Full-length photography has several important features, unless the artistic idea provides another option. The main thing that a photographer needs to know is that to get a proportional silhouette, you should shoot with the camera lowering to the level of the chin or chest, the legs visually stretch out, and the body will appear slimmer, taller and thinner. Using this technique, you can visually add height to the girl. If the situation requires the opposite solution, then raise the camera a couple of centimeters above the model’s head, the body will visually shorten.

As for shooting while standing in a photo studio, special backgrounds and cycloramas are used, as well as lighting devices and soft boxes that allow you to set the desired light for certain positions.

Here are the main rules:

  • If the photographer does not intend otherwise, then the back should be straightened, and the lower back will have to bend as much as possible. A straight stand without bends looks ridiculous and does not add beauty to the model. The reference is the English letter “S” showing all the lines of the body. The weight should be transferred to one leg, the stomach should be drawn in and the shoulder blades should be brought together, the head and chin should be pulled up, stretching the neck.
  • There are many variations of the position of the hands when shooting while standing: lift up, rest on the sides, shove in pockets or play with hair. They should look natural, slightly relaxed, but without the “hanging whip” effect. It is better to spread your fingers, do not clench them into fists and do not spread them like a fan.
  • The model should be relaxed and collected at the same time, any clamps the camera strengthens and emphasizes. Excessively drawn in stomach, clenched hands, tense face – are the result of overexertion and look ugly in the picture.
  • Do not be afraid to move, some good shots are obtained in motion, when the body is in a natural position and there is no sense of picturesqueness. Again, every idea of ​​a photographer can look original and interesting, even if it violates all known rules of posing.

Portrait Shooting Features


Close-up implies perfect clarity, no visible imperfections and emphasis on the subject’s eyes and face. In this case, do not forget about the position of the back and neck at this moment. If the back is not straightened, and the neck is not extended, then the effect of fullness and a double chin may appear, even where there was none at all. You can shoot directly looking into the camera, half-turned, looking over your shoulder, and so on. In any of these options, you need to emphasize the line of the chin, and this can only be done by lifting it and stretching the neck as much as possible.

Long Dress Poses for Girls

Putting on a long beautiful evening dress, every woman turns into a princess. In the conditions of shooting in a photo studio, a long dress can be interestingly played with decorations and interior items. Popular furniture in this situation are sofas and wedges, stairs, high chairs, armchairs and beds. How do you need to become so that not only the dress, but also the model itself looks beautiful in the photo.

The main focus when shooting in a dress should be the silhouette, so posture and body position are the most important. A long train or a beautiful hem of a dress can be shown more effectively if you lower the camera below the level of the model’s chest and move further away – you get a long fairy-tale character.

In general, the pose should be as simple and dignified as possible. The back is only straight, the shoulder blades are maximally flattened, and the chin is extended. If the dress is with a corset, it will tighten your waist and emphasize it. the line of the chest, and without the tightening, you will have to keep your stomach in tension for the entire photo session.

It will be beautiful to lean on a piece of furniture, sit on a sofa or stand in front of a window. The main thing here is to maintain the image of a princess and not allow yourself to slouch, roll over or relax a lot.

For a feminine and soft look, place your legs one behind the other and shift your weight to one of them, then the pose will be more graceful. Regardless of the type of dress, wear high heels under the dress, they will allow you to focus on the desired curves and make the silhouette more proportional and harmonious.

Shooting in a dress allows you to turn your back to the photographer or stand half-turned, including turning your head in profile.

Recently popular cloud-type dresses create a fabulous image that allows you to make a photo session, I practically do not take difficult poses. Corsets help to maintain posture, and a chic voluminous hem and train hide legs and shoes, all that remains is to straighten your shoulders, raise your chin and put your hands nicely. Another option for shooting in such a dress is lying on a train, like in the clouds. Hands are raised above the head or one lies on the chest, the other in the hair.

As for the hands, you can put them on your hips, raise one to your hair or face, bend at the elbows in front of you and many other moments. Fingers should be slightly straightened, not tense, it is undesirable to hide your hands behind your back.

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Photography Poses for Curvy Girls

Often girls are shy about extra pounds, they even eat a minimum amount. And therefore, they do not arrange photo sessions for themselves, fearing to turn out even more complete in photographs. The camera adds volume – it’s true, but only for an unlucky or inexperienced photographer, this causes reluctance to work. There are many beautiful poses for photo a photoshoot, they are suitable even for girls who consider themselves fat.

The photographer’s job is to correctly position the frame and model, to select the light and pose, and only then post-processing takes place.

For overweight or curvy girls, the following photography positions are recommended.

Shooting lying on your back with raised legs – this position will perfectly hide the extra centimeters in the waist area and visually lengthen the legs, making them smoother and thinner. Fabric or pillows will be an excellent addition to the frame, they can focus on attractive places and perfectly hide what the model does not want to show.

When filming while sitting, you will have to draw in your stomach as much as possible and bend your back, full models should not choose to shoot on a chair or lean on tables and a wall – this will create additional volume in the buttocks and make their legs larger. Also, do not lean on something sideways, with your hand or elbow, this will emphasize the bend of the tuck, and it may not be beneficial to emphasize the tummy.

It is better to sit on the floor or on a sofa, the main thing is that the legs are on the same level with the booty. Then they can be thrown on top of each other or placed side by side, the socks need to be stretched as much as possible – this will create a beautiful line of the hips and divert attention from the extra centimeters in the waist area. The use of objects, pillows, accessories is encouraged, as well as placing your hands so that they also draw your eyes to your feet.

Shooting while standing will require effort, since you need to straighten your shoulders as much as possible, stretch your neck, bend in the lumbar region and slightly unfold the body. These actions will help highlight feminine lines, draw attention to the chest and make your figure a little slimmer.

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The difficulty of shooting in the studio lies only in the emphasis on the model and her posture, so more attention needs to be paid to all parts of the body and the silhouette in general. For thin girls, there are practically no restrictions on the position of the body and hands: you can shoot while standing, lying, sitting, leaning against a piece of furniture or a wall.

But girls with a size over 44 also should not be upset and refuse photo shoots. There are certain basic poses for shooting every body type and body size.

It is enough just to correctly place accents, divert attention from shortcomings, and emphasize advantages. You can use accessories and furnishings to fill the frame.

The main thing in a photo session is the professionalism of the photographer, it is he who will prompt the desired position of the body and hands, put it in the best way in the frame and process the picture after shooting. Correctly placed light will allow you to make plump girls slimmer, divert attention from shortcomings, veil and hide them, and emphasize what is needed.