Best Tips You Should Follow to Generate Strong Password

On many occasions, users are not aware of how important it is to Generate Strong Password , so today we are going to see how to choose these types of strong passwords and some tips that you should follow in order to have peace of mind.

Logically and go ahead that network security is at least somewhat complicated to manage for all of us since we have to remember passwords and the more we complicate them it may seem even worse , but there are many ways to create passwords with many numbers and then to remember them without problem, today we will give you some tips about this and much more.

Before starting with this topic, comment that 100% secure passwords do not exist , we can achieve a really high level of security using all kinds of tricks, tips or even with the so-called two-step verifications, but nobody can confirm that the passwords are impassable. That said, we can advise several options so that our passwords are as safe as possible, so let’s do it.

Generate Strong Password: Tips You Should Avoid

To start this round of advice, what we have to say is that you try to avoid by all means passwords of the type: admin, date of birth, same username as password, 1234, qwerty, asdf, 123qwe and this type of passwords that although To many of us it seems like a lie that they can be used today, thousands of people continue to use them.

Another big problem is the fact of not putting a password. Yes, it may seem absurd but not having a password is almost as frequent as leaving the original passwords or directly using the passwords that we have mentioned above. This is an even more serious problem, since we are exposed to any type of attack.

Easy to Remember or The Same Passwords

This is another point to avoid when we want our passwords to be secure or as secure as possible. Having a simple password to remember for us can be counterproductive due to the simple factor of its simplicity and in this sense we can add that adding equal passwords in many places is something that also happens too often and is something that can really bring us a problem serious about security.

Imagine that you are using the same password in several places at the same time, in one of them and due to a problem other than you, all passwords, user names and other personal data are filtered . There, at that moment we are exposing each and every one of our accounts by having the same password in several. It does not matter if it is from a bank, a mobile or your supermarket card, all the places where this password is the same will be affected and are really vulnerable to being attacked.

Use The Default Password – Generate Strong Password

Having the default password is a huge security flaw and the advice for everyone in this situation is to change it directly. To think that many times this type of passwords is usually generic, this means that the protection is basically null and above all that more people have the same password as ours.

You may think that to Generate Strong Password can give you trouble remembering it, but it is worse that they can easily access your data or content because they have the default password for a service, device, etc…

Have A Post-It, Note, or The Like with Passwords

Leave this only for WiFi, although if you can and want it is easier to change it from your router … And this is another of the most important security problems in terms of password leaks that exist in terms of passwords, have a note without blocking on the smartphone, a post-it in the fridge with all the passwords or a piece of paper in the wallet.

Anyone could have access to this data in a simple way, so in this specific case, although it may seem comfortable and easy for us to remember having “the cheat sheet” with passwords, it is best to stay away from this practice.

Now We Go with Some Tips to Improve Security

It is clear that we leave us one more option in the long top list of things to avoid yes or yes in terms of simple passwords or with little security, but we are going with some tips and options that we have available to improve the security of our passwords.

One of the keys to staying protected is always not to share a password with anyone. This roughly may seem somewhat abrupt since family and closest friends are completely trustworthy for us, but once that password is shared, you already lose control over it, there are more people who know it so it does not depend from you 100% that does not leak.

On the other hand, giving passwords a minimum length of 10 characters, having capital letters, numbers and symbols integrated into it, can be one of the main options to consider when starting to protect the password against possible unwanted access.

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Change The Password From Time to Time

It may seem more cumbersome than it really is, since if we change some symbol or letter for a similar number we can obtain great benefits in the security of our passwords . In this case, for example, we can continue using the same or very similar password, but using numbers instead of letters.

A change of password in time can be the solution to many of our security problems and some websites or even financial entities may ask us on a regular basis to change our passwords over time. This option can be of great help to protect us and as we say it is not necessary to change it completely, you can change some characters of it or even add an extra one that will give us that change and greater security.

Password Managers

There are several options to consider in this regard and password managers can be very useful or can be a downfall for the user. In this sense, the variety that exists in the market is currently dense, so only get a little advice before using a password management app and if it is popular with a good reputation, use it.

In any case, it is necessary to make clear some points to use this type of password manager:

The manager access password must be as insurmountable as possible so that all the passwords inside are kept as protected as possible. This password is very important.

Just as it is important that we remember this access password or service master. Many apps do not allow its recovery so be careful with this since we can have a serious problem if we lose it.

A well-protected backup of all of them in one file is basic. A CD, an external disk, a pendrive or any place to have a copy of all the keys that are stored inside this manager is just as important as the manager itself.

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Important Safety Questions But Be Careful

When we use some internet services we can see that we are asked to use security questions to remember the password in case of loss or similar. This option is very valid but it is very important that we have clear questions and answers to it, since this could be key in the future to remember a forgotten password.

We can say that these security questions have a small flaw and that is if they ask us: What was the name of your first pet? What was your first car? we must be clear that only we must know the answer. And is that to give a simple example, imagine that many people know the name of your pet, go to your email account and click on the password recovery option, add your email address and know that data…

Therefore, the important thing in this type of security question is to use two or three questions if the service allows it, and if not, use your own question, edit these questions so that only we know it. There are some places where they suggest a question and an answer, but whenever possible we have to try to modify them to make them even more secure.

Two-Step Verification: Generate Strong Password

Another option we currently have is two-step or double-factor verification. This is another of the valid options to be able to have greater security in a service since once we put the password we will be asked to verify it automatically.

This can reach the smartphone by message, from a website or similar. Double factor verification is very interesting to keep us protected against any external attack and that is why we recommend using it whenever the service has this type of security. And it is possible that you cannot activate this type of protection in any of your services.

Banks often use this type of two-step verification extensively to accept money transactions, banking, and so on. Also cloud services like iCloud or similar use this verification.

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